Mayor of North Bend comes down to two candidates

Rob McFarland and Travis Bridgman explain why they want to be mayor.

North Bend Mayoral candidates are Rob McFarland and Travis Bridgman. Rich Wiltshire has ended his campaign for mayor.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following candidate responses are unedited.)

Biographies from each candidate:

Rob McFarland: Serving on multiple community organizations since moving to North Bend in 1997, I have a deep appreciation for the diverse voices that also love and serve North Bend. Working for community in both volunteer and leadership positions throughout my service to organizations has offered me the opportunity to listen and learn. My volunteer service includes Encompass, North Bend Parks Commission, Meadowbrook Farm Preservation Association, Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation. My current role on the North Bend Planning Commission provides invaluable insight into government policy in regard to comprehensive community planning and interlocal partnerships. I look forward to utilizing my experience and knowledge to foster and enhance our highly livable small-town community as your Mayor. To learn more about Rob’s background and views on City issues visit his website at

Travis Bridgman: Welcome ‘ Invited & Encouraged to Reach with Idea’s & inquiries. Your viewpoint is valued and appreciated. I’d be Enthusiastically thrilled share Invites to Local Clubs, Organizations, Business’ Relationship ‘ Infrastructure ‘ Respect ‘ Integrity ‘ Virtue ‘ Qualities ‘ Values , Social Health, Animal Environment. Together we operate a family business 1985—- ‘TrustNB’ and a Non-Profit ‘ MayorTrav North Bend ‘ Promoting Safe Welcoming Infrastructure for relationships & credential fun. Hearing to Acknowledge: Families, Organizations, Friends, Groups, Visitors, Governments. ‘Us We Our “Support Education in all facets .. All Ages and Abilities ‘ Offer Adaptive Mobility ‘ with Tourists ‘ Priority: Cleanliness for Thriving business and adventurous recreation. Public Safety & Private Privacy, Let’s streamline the way we grant information and permissions. Let’s proudly share Our expectations as well as hearing, acknowledging & respecting additional idea’s. Let’s strengthen Together with Surrounding Cities. Let’s Be Creditable ‘ Humble ‘ Truthful

With the record population growth in North Bend, how do you intend to ease the minds of residents concerned with the rapid expansion of development?

McFarland: It’s important that we maintain our small-town, community friendly atmosphere as we grow. Smaller homes, housing for seniors, affordable apartments/condos, together with needed commercial and retail development should be encouraged by the city. Expansion of our city limits to accommodate other residential developments should be carefully planned and metered. Before we can accommodate more, we must ensure our basic sewer, water and transportation infrastructure systems can accommodate our growth needs and protect our natural environment. To maintain and protect our natural gifts including green mountains, clean rivers, and protected open spaces from sprawl we need to be vigilant about how we absorb growth within our city limits.

Bridgman: Let’s Support Education in all facets ‘ Including what Our expectations in welcoming ‘ People ‘ Life Long and Tourists. Let’s present a Family Friendly ‘ Pet Welcoming Vibe. Let’s operate with integrity, intelligence & transparency. Yes Our community is growing ‘ People Joining Us in Our surrounding are ‘ bright ‘ Fun ‘ curious & truth be shared ‘ We’ve found when families move here ‘ Loving Mountains ‘ Safety ‘ Stability ‘ Snoqualmie Valley Charm. We are learning ‘ Placing faith in Our leadership ‘ Civic ‘ Government ‘ Organization and Special Interest Groups. Let’s attract and engage with diverse people that will uplift ‘ contribute ‘ be valued at times enthusiastic community Us We Our . Honest ‘ There is a lot happening ‘ We’re growing, adapting, facilitating growth. We are City of North Bend We also have the responsibility to those in Our spherical surroundings.

Rob McFarland is running for mayor of North Bend. Photo courtesy of Rob McFarland.                                 Travis Bridgman is running for mayor of North Bend. Photo courtesy of Travis Bridgman.

Rob McFarland is running for mayor of North Bend. Photo courtesy of Rob McFarland. Travis Bridgman is running for mayor of North Bend. Photo courtesy of Travis Bridgman.