Longtime Snoqualmie fire chief is leaving at the end of June

Chief Mark Correira took the fire chief job in Snoqualmie back in 2014.

Longtime Snoqualmie Fire Chief Mark Correira announced June 12 that he is leaving the city later this month. His last day will be June 29.

Correira took the fire chief job in Snoqualmie back in 2014, following almost 16 years as the assistant chief for Snohomish County Fire District #1. He also briefly served as Snoqualmie’s interim city administrator for nine months in 2021.

He now plans to work as chief for a larger fire agency in California, according to the city.

In a statement, Correira said he was proud of his achievements in Snoqualmie, but acknowledged they were the result of collaboration between staff, firefighters and elected officials.

“Serving this city for the past nine years has been very rewarding personally and professionally,” he said. “I am very proud of the fire department’s list of accomplishments during my tenure.”

Snoqualmie Mayor Katherine Ross thanked Correira for his service to the city.

“We wish him the best as he takes the next step in his fire and emergency service career,” she said.

In his place, Deputy Fire Chief Mike Bailey will be appointed to serve as interim chief. Bailey has been with the department for 24 years, and has previously spent nine months as interim chief. The city council will vote on his appointment at its next meeting later this month.

City officials are currently evaluating next steps to find a permanent fire chief, but did not layout a specific timeline, according to the city.