High Winds Do Damage

Pages Past - Reprinted from the Snoqualmie Valley Record, March 29, 1928.

High winds Sunday night and Monday morning wrecked no little damage in the Valley and

elsewhere in the county.

Cedar Falls was probably the hardest hit of

any of the valley communities. The wind was of

much greater force on the hill and worked

considerable damage, injuring one man.

Elmer Smith, brakeman, was injured when

the wind lifted a roof off a box car and landed it on

him in the Cedar Falls yards. He was taken to the Snoqualmie Falls hospital and is reported

recovering from bruises, cuts and minor fractures.

The children’s playhouse on the school

property was lifted by the wind and moved several

feet. Fortunately no children were on the playground

at the time and the damage was confined to the building.

Bill Rockford’s garage was completely

demolished by the wind and, although his car was in

the building at the time, it was not damaged. C.

E. Graybael’s garage was also damaged.

Steam power was necessary to bring in the Olympian from Trude to Cedar Falls, as a tree

was blown over the power line, tearing down about

three miles of the line. The tree also caused slight

damage to the road bed, but a section crew soon repaired this.

Incubators Stopped

Power lines were blown down and in some districts, as near as Pine Lake, poultrymen lost

eggs when the power in the incubators was thus

accidentally shut off. The Sween poultry farm in

that neighborhood had 25,000 eggs in the

incubators when the power lines went down. Falling

trees damaged other power lines and linemen were

called out at 3 a.m. Monday to repair the damage.

Half of the front porch of the August Melin

home on the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie was

twisted off and thrown onto the roof. The district along

the North Fork road suffered the most severe wind in

the upper Valley, the wind at times, assuming

proportions of a cyclone.

One end of the cow shed on the Mountain

View farm was de-roofed by the powerful blasts.

The Ed Jensen home on the Meadowbrook

Tracts was lifted off its foundations and slanted off

again during the storm. No one was living in the house

at the time and but little damage resulted.