Hearing set for housing development near Fall City Elementary

Lot across from school baseball feilds being targeted for 13 single-family homes.

A hearing is being held later this month for a planned housing development in Fall City, and town residents are hopeful community members will show up in droves.

The hearing is over development of a mostly vacant 3.5-acre lot along 332nd Avenue Southeast across from Fall City Elementary baseball fields.

The space is being targeted for the development of 13 single family homes by a limited liability construction company out of Sammamish, and is one of several new housing tracks being built in Fall City — a trend that has raised concerns among residents.

There are plans for development of more than 100 new housing lots in Fall City over the next half decade, the Valley Record reported last year. Those homes are anticipated to raise the area’s population by roughly 20%.

Much of that has come from the Bellevue-based Taylor Development, which recently sold a housing tract with 17 homes it developed along 324th Avenue SE.

A map showing the location of 13 planned single-family homes in Fall City.

A map showing the location of 13 planned single-family homes in Fall City.

Town residents are hoping that they can use a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) hearing being held by King County on Jan. 19 to exert some influence over the 13 new homes that are planned for 332nd Avenue.

While residents cannot prevent the homes from being built, they are hoping to collaborate for some control over the project.

“We plan on … making solid points over what we have influence over,” Angela Donaldson, outgoing president of the Fall City Community Association, said at a meeting last month.

Among their top priorities include protecting the rural character of Fall City and controlling the new home’s appearance. They also hope to gain assurance that mitigation’s will be made to ensure new housing will not disrupt roads, the environment or public services and utilities.

Hearing info

The hearing will be held remotely via Zoom at 9 a.m. Jan. 19. Information on how to join the meeting is below:

Meeting ID: 869 9502 2667

Passcode: 194727