Fireworks banned in North Bend; Snoqualmie allows some

All fireworks available for purchase at retail stands in Snoqualmie are legal for residents.

Ahead of the holiday weekend, the City of Snoqualmie is reminding residents to be cautious with fireworks to help prevent injuries, house fires and wildfires.

Residents 16 and older will be permitted to discharge legal fireworks — including ground fireworks, sparklers and smoke devices — between 9 a.m. and midnight July 4.

All fireworks available for purchase at retail stands in Snoqualmie are legal for residents. However, fireworks available at state-approved stands or reservations may not be legal within city limits.

Aerial fireworks, including bottle rockets and missiles, as well as firecrackers are not permitted. Residents could receive a $250 fine for each violation of possession and a $750 fine for each violation of discharge. A guide to legal fireworks can be found here.

The city will offer a public fireworks display beginning around 9:45 p.m. at Snoqualmie Community Park, address. Questions regarding fireworks may be directed to Fire Chief Michael Bailey at 425-888-1551.

North Bend

The City of North Bend announced Monday that aerial fireworks will be banned for July 4, after Mayor Rob McFarland signed an emergency proclamation.

The ban comes in response to the hot and dry weather, which has left North Bend at a “very high” risk of fire danger, according to the U.S. Forest Service. The forest around the city is at a severe fire risk. Those caught discharging aerial fireworks could face a $750 fine.

Ground fireworks will still be allowed, as long as they are away from combustible materials. Discharge of small fireworks will be allowed between 9 a.m. and midnight July 4.


Most cities already have a fireworks ban within their limits. Fireworks will be illegal in unincorporated parts of King County starting in 2022 after the King County Council approved a ban earlier this year.

This July 4 will be the last one that residents of unincorporated King County can legally light their own fireworks.

However, there are already some restrictions on what kinds of fireworks are allowed. For more information on what is currently legal in unincorporated King County, check here: