Arson fires in Snoqualmie Azalea Park under investigation

$10,000 award being offered by Arson Alarm Foundation.

Police are investigating two fires set off in the restrooms at Azalea Park on two September Saturdays in a row. Authorities later determined that these fires were intentionally set by an unknown arsonist.

The first arson happened on Sept. 14 at the park located at 6604 Azalea Way SE in Snoqualmie. A resident was in the park and discovered the fire that self-extinguished, said Joan Pilego, communications manager for the city.

The arson investigation unit of the King County Sheriff’s Office determined that the small blazes were caused by toilet paper intentiaonally set on fire. The blaze caused significant damage, the City of Snoqualmie said in a press release.

A week later on Sept. 21, the Snoqualmie Parks Division staff, who visited the park restrooms for routine maintenance, found the signs of another fire similar to the Sept. 14 blaze.

Damage to the structure includes smoke stained skylights in both the men’s and women’s restroom and melted plastic in the men’s bathroom, Pilego said. There was no external damage to the building.

Following the initial investigation by the Snoqualmie Police Department, the restroom doors at the park were locked. Pilego said there are no cameras at the restroom facility and there is no current timeline for reopening the bathrooms.

The arson investigation unit has taken the lead on the inquiry into the fires.

Anyone with Information is asked to call 1-800-55-ARSON. A $10,000 award is being offered by the Arson Alarm Foundation. Suspicious activity should be reported by calling 911.