Best Payday Loan Websites 2022: Top Payday Loan Online Services to Try

Applying for a loan on payday is often a matter of urgency and needs to satisfy an immediate need. This procedure will always be done better over the internet as this will provide you with a faster and more efficient method of clearing your debts. In the era of digital advancement and the transitioning of services online, a payday loan website will always provide you with fast access to money to those in urgent need. Of the best websites providing this service, you only need to enter information online, complete the application, and the website will transfer money to your bank account in under 2 hours. Despite this, not all payday loan websites are developed the same since some provide these services better than others. A good payday loan website is one that provides you with money urgently when needed in an emergency while a bad payday loan website delays the disbursement of funds and sometimes can be scams where you can lose your money.

This raises the question, what are the best payday loan websites we have as of 2022? Which payday loan websites offer you the best combination of pricing and service? What’s the best payday loan website for someone with bad credit? In this article, we evaluated the available payday websites in the market at the moment and ranked them based on their services and recommendations. Here is the list we came up with.

The Top 6 Most Reliable Payday Loan Websites of 2022

After hundreds of hours of research and deliberation we verified the authenticity and ease of use of several payday websites, here are the best payday loan websites available today.

Money Mutual


With more than 2,000,000 customers across the globe, this is one of the best-known payday loan websites on the internet today. This website has successfully helped millions of customers access the money they need almost immediately. In as little as 24 hours, anyone with a good credit score can borrow up to $5,000 through Money Mutual. Customers with bad credit or no credit are not left behind by this platform since they may still be able to obtain the funds, they need within a few hours of signing up, making this platform non-discriminatory. In addition, Money Mutual is not restricted to a single lender or online lending website since it connects you with more than 120 lenders, allowing you to pick the best option for your unique needs. The website offers this service for free lenders pay for your business, and you get the best loans without paying Money Mutual anything. For anyone looking for a reputable payday loan online, this website offers the best services.



This is a popular online loan website that allows you access between $200 to $5,000 with a few easy steps that are fast, simple, and effective. Customers just need to submit a request through the FundsJoy.com official website, analyze the offers available, then receive the money almost immediately. In fewer than 10 minutes, customers can choose to borrow anything from $200 to $5,000, with different loans and availability depending on their credit. This website works in a manner similar to Money Mutual, FundsJoy.com acts as a broker that connects you with lenders at no additional cost. This is done by connecting you to brokers competing for your business, therefore allowing you to select the best offer based on your unique needs.



The third payday loan website is BadCreditLoans.com. This is a unique payday loan website since it specializes in helping people with bad credit get the money they need. This means that if you have bad credit, this website will help you get the money you need at no additional cost, and just like the other websites, BadCreditLoans.com connects you to many lenders who come to you competing for your business allowing you to choose from the lender you desire. With this website, you only pay interest and other fees to each lender, but no other additional fees are charged or paid to BadCreditLoans.com making it a no-cost service. With BadCreditLoans.com, you can get the money you need in three easy steps. Just complete the online form, review offers, and connect with a lender. Within minutes, your money could be on its way.



This is the fourth lender we reviewed. Pick A Lender is a no-cost service based in Overland Park, Kansas. Pick A Lender allows you to connect with lenders in just a matter of minutes and in a few easy steps. All you need to do is to access the official website then pick the type of financial service you want to access. Pick A Lender specializes in various services including debt consolidation, credit card consolidation, auto loans, travel loans, home improvement loans, and general payday loans online, among other services. This allows you to find so many financial services under one service provider. Users need to access the official website and complete the application in less than two minutes, and lenders can deposit funds into your account in as little as 24 hours.

Next Day Personal Loan


For individuals seeking to access loans by the end of the following day from the time of application, Next Day Personal Loan offers you the right choice of opportunities and quick access to loans. This payday website lets you find a loan in three easy steps. First of all, users need to complete the application form in two minutes or less. If you qualify for the loan, you can review available loan offers from lenders in your area. After filling out the application you can get funds directly to your bank account as soon as the next business day. Next Day Personal Loan has a huge nationwide network of lenders, 256-bit data encryption, directly deposited funds, and other perks. Next Day Personal Loan is available to people with all types of credit – including bad credit and good credit. Next-Day Personal Loan has transparent pricing and an easy application system making it one of the best online payday lenders available.



CashUSA.com is an online payday loan company that allows you to connect with available lenders in your area allowing you to choose your preferred lender. Just like other top-ranked payday loan websites, CashUSA.com gets lenders competing for your business. In order to complete the application, all you need to do is to enter your information online then analyze the review offers from lenders in your area. The website displays the interest rate and fee structure of each lender along with its total cost, making it easy to compare offers. Once you accept a particular offer, you complete the application with each lender, then receive funds in your account as soon as the next business day. CashUSA.com is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and allows you to request up to $10,000 and receive funds in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

How The Ranking Was Done

As we were doing the rankings, we were aware that although all payday loan websites advertise themselves by promising to extend you a loan as quickly as possible, not all websites live up to that claim. In order to separate the best payday loan websites from the average sites, we used the following metrics to analyze the available loan websites and separate the genuine apps from the scams. The following factors were considered:

Quality of Lenders

The nature and quality of lenders you are being exposed to matter a lot especially when you are dealing with new lenders. Some lenders offer expensive offers and may take days to process the loan request. Some payday loan websites direct you to these expensive lenders while others direct you to legitimate payday lending businesses. On the other hand, some loan websites connect you to more than 120 lenders, while others direct you to the same 5 or 10 low-quality lenders. Loan websites that connected you to the highest possible quality of lenders were considered for a better ranking over those connecting you to low-quality lenders.

Quantity of Lenders

A good online loan website partners with hundreds of lenders, giving you more options to choose from. On the other hand, some payday loan websites only partner with a few lenders, making it difficult for customers to pick the perfect lender that suits their specific needs. We considered payday loan websites that have high-quality lenders who have many offers to choose from. Websites offering few options for customers or with lenders with few options were not considered.

Deposit Speed

All payday loan websites claim to deposit money quickly into your account, more so within 24 hours or 1 business day. However, some are faster than others. Some even deposit funds to your bank account in as little as 2 hours, while others take more than 24 hours. Payday websites whose lenders deposited funds within the shortest period of time received the highest ratings compared to other websites.

Fees, APRs, and Other Charges

A good lender charges little to no charges for their services and if they do, they must disclose all fees tied to the services and charges upfront. Nevertheless, some companies have hidden charges and fees or hide this information from customers. Other companies make it deliberately hard to see how much it costs. We preferred payday loan websites with maximum transparency over fees, charges, interest rates (APRs), and other information.


Tied to hidden fees, transparency is key to doing a clean and honest business. Unfortunately, the payday loan industry is filled with scam businesses that charge hidden fees or hidden procedures. We appreciated payday loan websites with maximum transparency and honesty. A payday loan website that hid this information or made it difficult for the customers to view and understand this information was not ranked.

Company Contact Information

A good payday loan website discloses its official address, phone number, email address, or live chat line from where customers can get customer services upfront. Other companies provide limited information about themselves online. For a company dealing with the personal information of many individuals and thousands of dollars of borrowed money, we need maximum transparency with contact information. Any company that hid their contact information was not ranked in this survey while companies that have displayed their addresses upfront were ranked in the survey.

Customer Reviews

User experience is one of the key indicators of a good company offering quality services. Our editorial team personally tested each payday loan website, besides considering other users’ experiences in our rankings in order to come up with a fast hand experience on the websites. Websites that our team ranked higher and reflected the same from other customer reviews were considered for the survey although no payday loan website has perfect reviews. For instance, Money Mutual, with more than 2,000,000 customers and over a decade of business had the best reviews.

Company Reputation and Experience

A good company builds its reputation over a period of time as the more a business stays in the market the better it is and many payday loan websites rise and fall all the time. We preferred payday loan websites with a proven reputation and lengthy experience in the industry. Some of the top payday loan websites have existed for over a decade, for example, while lower quality payday lenders rise and fall regularly.

Security and 256-Bit Encryption

As a basic requirement, a good payday loan website should be secured with HTTPS and 256-bit encryption. Accessing loans with lenders involves sharing some sensitive and personal and financial information into an online form, including your Social Security Number (SSN) which you can’t risk having that information stolen. A good and reputable payday loan website prioritizes high levels of security and encryption for clients’ personal data. Websites that provided this level of security were ranked while those lacking the bare minimum were left out of the survey.

Acceptance of All Credit Scores

Having bad credit or no credit is a major obstacle for many people to access loans, especially from financial institutions while a majority of the people who need payday loans have low to average credit scores. Many payday loan websites cater to this obstacle by accepting customers with low to average credit scores. A good lender should thus offer a way around this obstacle. In our rankings, we preferred payday lenders that specifically accepted all levels of credit.

Ease of Use

A good website should offer easy and fast services to customers allowing them to transact their applications within a short time. Some websites are slow and poorly designed to offer services effectively while others are responsive and easy to complete. In our ranking, we preferred payday loan websites that invested in the user experience and made it easy to complete an application within the shortest time possible preferably minutes.

Borrowable Amount

A majority of payday loan websites allow you to borrow between $200 and $5,000, although there are some payday loan websites that process borrowing requests of up to $40,000. Lenders which were willing to offer bigger loans were ranked higher than those offering a limited amount of loans.

We compiled all these factors in our considerations when developing the list of the best online payday lenders.

How Payday Loan Websites Work

In order to use payday loan websites, it is crucial to understand how these websites work in getting a payday loan. These sites offer an easy, accessible, and affordable way to borrow money. We developed a breakdown of how the average of these websites offers services to customers.

Visit the Website and Start the Application

Most applications are on the webpage where you enter your first and last name into the online form. Once the application is successful, start the application and begin viewing initial offers in your area.

Complete the Application

This stage requires you to share your personal information to verify your identity and allow you to borrow money online. Most payday lenders require your Social Security Number (SSN), earning information, and other personal data.

Browse Available Offers

Once the payday loan website verifies your identity, it connects you to the lenders competing for your business. Whether you have bad credit or good credit, you browse a list of available offers to pick the best one for your needs.

Select the Amount You Wish to Borrow

Once you have identified the lender who suits your unique needs and specifications, you can choose the amount you wish to borrow. Most payday loan websites let you borrow $200 to $5,000, although some let you borrow larger or smaller amounts. All loans are tailored to suit your needs including traveling, renovating your home, or paying a bill.

Enter Banking or Deposit Information

Since a majority of payday lenders use direct deposit to send money to your bank account, you will need to provide the bank details for the bank account you wish your money to be directed to. Direct deposits are the fastest and easiest way to receive your money. To complete this step, simply enter your bank account information online to receive the funds as quickly as possible.

Receive Funds Within 24 Hours

Most payday loan websites direct deposit funds into your account within 24 hours of doing the application. However, some websites deposit funds within as little as 2 hours, making it easier to get the money you need.

Spend Money for Your Needs

Once the payday loan has been disbursed into your account, you can spend the money to meet your needs.

Pay Back the Loan Within 2 to 4 Weeks

Most payday loan websites require you to pay back the loan in two weeks or around the average payment period. You are advised to pay off the loan on time to avoid accruing interest.

Payday Loan Website Cost

A majority of payday loan websites are free to use. Payday loan websites are, however, different from payday lenders. A payday loan website connects you with lenders in your area while the lender is the organization that gives you the actual loan. The payday loan website offers the service of bringing lenders who are competing for your business and receives compensation from those lenders for each successful applicant. The payday loan website doesn’t charge you anything but just connects you to the lender. The lender pays the website something for offering the service. Each lender charges its own fees for borrowing money. Most lenders charge a simple annual percentage rate (APR) for interest. If you’re borrowing $2,000, for example, then you may need to repay $2,200 within 2 to 4 weeks, which is normally the cost of borrowing money. The payday lender is providing a service, and you’re paying for that service.

Why Do You Need a Payday Loan?

Payday loans come in handy to save you in times of an emergency. Unlike with other financial institutions where you have to wait for days or weeks for money to arrive in your account, you can get the money you need within a few hours. Some of the advantages to getting a payday loan include the need to cover emergency expenses before your next paycheck gets deposited into your account. These expenses could be car repairs or emergency travel expenses, urgent money for food, shelter, and other essentials as soon as possible, pay some urgent bill immediately or you could be needing the cash fast for any reason.

Requirements For Payday a Loan

Before you can access the funds from the lenders, you need to present certain information to ascertain your identity. It is impossible to receive an anonymous payday loan through conventional payday lending websites. A majority of payday loan requirements include a minimum age of at least 18 years of age, being a current resident of the state, you selected on your loan application, having a valid and active email address or phone number, an active bank account that has been open for at least one month and be free from debt or going through bankruptcy. Some payday lenders require proof of income – say, a paycheck showing you earn at least $1,000 per month. Others do not. Generally, the more income you can prove, the more you’ll be able to borrow.

How Much Can I Borrow with a Payday Loan

Various factors influence the amount you can borrow from a lender. Although most payday loan websites let you borrow $200 to $5,000, this amount varies depending on your credit score, the payday loan website you use, and state lending laws, among other factors. Higher credit scores expose you to more loans since the higher your credit score, the more offers you have and the more you can borrow. Someone with a lower credit score may be able to borrow $500 to $1,000, for example, while someone with a good credit score may be able to borrow over $10,000. Through comparing different payday loan websites, you can find the right amount you need to borrow regardless of your credit score. Some payday loan websites let you borrow up to $40,000, for example, while others let you borrow as little as $100.

Advantages of a Payday Loan Website

The most common advantage of a payday loan is the ability to allow you to access quick fast loans. Here are the top advantages of a payday loan.

You Can Get Money Regardless of Credit Score or Financial Past

Payday loan websites welcome anyone including those with bad credit scores and those with good credit scores. Someone with a good credit score may have more offers than someone with a bad credit score. However, everyone can get the offers they need from a good payday loan website. This allows you to gain access to loans regardless of your financial past or current credit score.

Cheaper than Credit Cards

A majority of payday loans are cheaper than credit cards. Credit cards may charge APRs of 18% to 40% for borrowing money, while payday lenders could charge as little as 5% to 30% per year. You could save thousands in interest by getting a payday loan instead of paying by credit although not everyone qualifies for low-interest rate payday loans.

Free to Choose from Multiple Lenders

Payday loan websites open your doors to dozens of lenders to present you with multiple options. Instead of choosing from just one or two lenders, you can choose from multiple lenders to ensure the perfect fit.

Apply to Multiple Lenders at Once

To get a loan with other payday loans, you need to complete individual applications with multiple lenders which could mean spending hours to get the money you need. With a payday loan website, you complete a single application in under 10 minutes, then get feedback from multiple lenders.

Customizable Payment Terms

People need money for different reasons, and payday loan websites make it easy to get the money you need for your specific reason. A payday loan website allows you to customize the loan based on your unique situation.

Improve Your Credit Score

If you make payday loan payments consistently on time, this allows you to improve your credit score with a payday loan. You could also improve your credit score by using your payday loan to offer other credit balances.

Do I Need Income for a Payday Loan?

Payday loans are meant to cover emergency payments for short terms mostly until your next payday. Some payday loan websites require proof of income before providing you with a loan although some do not. You can also make payments from other sources of income including disability payments, Social Security, self-employment income, and other types of income. For people with an average or better credit score, you can get a payday loan without providing any proof of income.

Acceptable Types of Income for a Payday Loan

The most common acceptable types of income for a payday loan include: Pay Stubs from employer self-employment income disability payments pensions government income or other sources of income. Some websites do not require proof of income to allow you access to loans.

Payday Loans with Bad Credit or No Credit

A bad credit score or no credit score at all shouldn’t deter you from getting the money you need. A majority of payday loan websites serve people with all types of credit scores, including no credit scores, low credit scores, and medium or high credit scores. Most lenders use the following metrics to determine bad credit and good credit scores:

  • Exceptional Credit: 800 and above
  • Very Good Credit: 740 to 799
  • Good Credit: 670 to 739
  • Fair Credit: 580 to 669
  • Poor Credit: Scores below 580

The Difference Between a Payday Loan and Other Types of Loans?

In terms of borrowing terms, most payday loans have a borrowing term of up to 2 weeks and 6 weeks. In contrast, ordinary loans have borrowing periods of anywhere from 1 year. In terms of the amount paid, most payday loans cater for amounts between $500 and $1,000, while the average conventional loan is worth around $5,213. In terms of speed of deposit, a mortgage may take weeks to receive while you could receive a payday loan within 24 hours of applying. Payday loans have a higher rate compared to other loans. For example, you might pay a 3% APR on a mortgage, on the other hand, you can get 20% APR or higher on a payday loan. Finally, payday loans have a higher acceptance of all credit scores, unlike conventional loans.

Risks of a Payday Loan

Payday loans come with some risks especially if you work with disreputable lenders. They are, however, safe when you use a reputable website. Some of the risks of a payday loan include hidden fees whereby some payday loan websites charge hidden fees, including high APRs or secret charges that they do not disclose upfront, extra charges for missed payments in case one is late to pay, high-interest rates, disreputable websites or companies which take your information like your SSN with no intention of providing a loan and sell it hence abusing your financial information.

Alternatives to Payday Loans

For anyone unable to obtain a payday loan, or seeking to explore alternative financing options, the following payday loan alternatives could work for you. Credit cards, selling extra possessions, local credit unions, online personal loans, from friends and family, or an advance from your employer.

Final Word

According to the United States Federal Reserve, in an emergency, 40% of Americans would be unable to come up with $400. If you need money before your next payday, then you need to get in touch with a good payday loan website that can help get the funds you need within as little as 24 hours.

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