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Delta 8 cannabinoids are becoming more and more popular within the cannabis industry, as Delta 8 Brands are constantly developing and researching inventive ways to create Delta-8 products.

For this reason, it can be very difficult to find the best D8 products with so many sellers on the market. Here we give you a detailed review of the best Delta 8 brands that sell safe and effective products, which will enhance your experience and give your mind the needed soothing sensations.

Our Top 5 Picks For Delta 8 Brands

  1. Exhale Wellness : Overall Best Delta 8 Brand
  2. BudPop : Strongest Delta 8 Products For Targeted Benefits
  3. DeltaExtraX : Best Delta 8 Carts for CBD lovers
  4. Diamond CBD : Wide Range Of Delta 8 Products
  5. 3Chi : Best Delta 8 Gummies

#1. ExhaleWellness : Overall Highest Quality Delta 8 Products

  • Natural ingredients
  • Free shipping for all of the orders
  • 30-day Money-back guarantee available

This LA-based company that is established by researchers, cultivators, growers, and professionals is the first on our list of best Delta 8 brands on the market.

After spending years on research, they came up with highly effective organic and all-natural products that are available for the customers.


Exhale Wellness offers a large variety of products cultivated under quality control regulations and gathered from organically grown plants.

Their best-selling products include delta 8 edibles such as gummies, which are vegan-friendly and fruit-flavored, made to be enjoyed by everyone. Additionally, their soft gels are cruelty-free and organic, which is amazing.

Other products that can elevate your mind and stimulate your bodily sensations include delta-8 flower, cartridges, vape cards, cigarettes, pre-rolls, and others.


As previously mentioned, Exhale Wellness offers free shipping for all of their products, and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Equally important to know is that for your first order, you receive a 20% discount and 25% of the price if you subscribe to their email list.

Customer experience

According to the reviews, Extra Wellness products are extremely effective, and they are recognized as healthy alternatives when it comes to Delta 8 products. They also have customer care support that you can contact any time.

⇒Visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop : Strongest D8 Products For Targeted Benefits

  • Free shipping for products above $50
  • They provide a return and exchange policy
  • A large variety of products
  • Affordable prices

This relatively new brand is another one on our list, as for a short period of time they managed to evolve their brand and create products that have great quality, are non-GMO, and are lab-tested as well.


What is intriguing about Bud Pop’s products is their recognizable flavors. Their THC-infused gummies come in two delicious flavors. The Blue Dreams Berry Gummies are made from their well-known Blue strain and blueberries, and the combination of sweet and sour is derived from their Strawberry Gelato gummies.

Their vape cartridges are intended for those who want to enjoy Delta 8 THC on the go. Made from organic terpenes and natural flavors, these products are very effective in a short period.

We discovered that their cookies are the most delicious edibles of this kind. The Northern Lights hemp flower will clear your head and give you soothing effects which are suitable after a long day.


Bud Pop also processes your shipping very quickly within 48 hours, and after you confirm your order, you will receive a tracking number in case you want to check it. When it comes to refunds, this company accepts returns only if you contact them within 14 days after it is delivered and if the product is unused and in its original condition.

Customer experience

Their users are very satisfied with their most recognizable flavors and long-lasting effects, which can be seen by the number of positive reviews that you can find online. Overall, the customers are quite satisfied with their customer service as well because their team ensures that all of their customers are taken care of any inconvenience that they have.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop

#3. Delta ExtraX : Best Delta 8 Carts

  • All-natural ingredients with great quality
  • Third-party lab tested products
  • Very descriptive website

This California-based brand takes another place on our list of best Delta 8 brands that you can find online for the fact that they are greatly reliable and they recognize the importance of educating people about the products they provide. On their website, you can find much useful information about their products and the effects of delta 8 and its development.


The products that attract the most attention are their Rainbow Pack gummies that are available in several flavors, including one mystery one. Their gummies are perfect for consuming before bed or in the morning to start your day. The other products include THC shot, disposable tinctures that can be found in several flavors, cartridges, and many more.


If your order comes damaged, you can reach their company within 14 days of delivery and they will replace your items. The amount for the shipping rate is $3.89 and if the order is unshipped and canceled, you will receive a full refund.

Customer experience

Delta ExtraX has been long in the market in contrast to the previous brands. The customers seem to be especially satisfied with their gummies and vape carts as one of their most popular products.

Additionally, users are quite satisfied with the fast shipping and their customer service. You can find the reviews on their website and you can also contact them via phone or email if you have any requirements or issues.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Delta ExtraX

#4. Diamond CBD : Wide Range Of Delta 8 Products

  • Free shipping for orders that cost more than $100
  • Advanced extraction processes
  • Sustainable production methods
  • Combination of ingredients

This company is known for prioritizing the health of both its customers and employees and for that reason, it takes another top spot on our list of best Delta 8 brands. They implement hemp production practices that are environmentally friendly and they result in pure and powerful products.


When you open their website, you can see a large variety of products available from gummies to candy, lollipops, chocolate bars, truffles, honey, and gel capsules available in different flavors. Aside from these edibles, Diamond CBD offers products such as vape cartridges, CBD oil, pre-rolls, and others.

What we find convenient is the fact that you can search for products by category, strength, ingredients, and on their website, you can find their new arrivals, popular items, and staff favorites.


If you are unsatisfied, you can return the shipment within 30 days and you get free shipping for all orders that are above $100.

Customer experience

An overwhelming amount of positive reviews can be found as customers seem to enjoy the quality of their products and the variety that they can choose from. We also discovered that their products help them to relieve pain, deal with insomnia and anxiety, and provide other calming effects.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD

#5. 3Chi : Best Delta 8 THC Gummies

  • Free shipping for products over $99
  • Unique flavors and natural ingredients
  • Variety of edibles

This company was founded by an experienced biochemist who was able to detect the healing effects of the hemp plant. Their mission is to find the healthiest cannabinoid blends and create edibles that are created by the positive benefits of both CBD and THC. The hemp is grown in the US and the products are tested for their safety.


Their products have a sophisticated look and they offer a variety of products from edibles, to vapes, tinctures, oil and concentrates, bulk oil, and many more. When it comes to their edibles, they have a selection of gummies, chocolate chips, cookies, and even cereal treats. However, we found that their brownies are especially popular among the users, as the effects from them can last for a whole day.

Similarly, their gummies are also very wanted for the fact that they come in two luscious flavors, such as black raspberry and watermelon.


In case there is something wrong with your order, you can get a refund if you notify their customer support within the first 10 days. Also, there is a free shipping option for products that are above $99 and their packaging is very discreet, which we found very convenient.

Customer experience

Users are very pleased with the effects of the 3Chi’s products, as they help them reduce pain, deal with anxiety and depression. What is more, they are satisfied with their customer support team, which you can see through the positive feedback that you can find online.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi

#6. MoonWlkr

  • Natural Ingredients and vegan-friendly products
  • New vibrant flavors are being released
  • Reasonable prices
  • Every product is tested by scanning a QR code on the package

This company’s motive is pushing the boundaries and possibilities with Delta 8 THC. Their formula of combining cannabinoids, terpenes, botanical extracts is giving the right amount of balance and euphoria for the user.


The large variety of products available on their website is the result of their mission to explore the possibilities of hemp. MoonWlkr’s product range includes vapes, disposable vapes, and edibles with exotic flavors that are extremely enticing.


MoonWlkr has a 30-day return policy if there is a problem with the package, which we found very favorable. Their packages are very discreet and the delivery is fast. What is more, you get free shipping for all of your orders above $50.

Customer experience

You can detect the customer’s positive reviews on their website along with comments about products that they bought and tried, which is very refreshing to see. The customers seem to love their flavors and the relaxing effects that they give to people who are dealing with stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

#7. JustDelta

  • High-quality products
  • Lab reports are available on the website
  • Eye-catching website and products

JustDelta secures another spot on our list of best Delta 8 brands. Their vision as a brand is to provide products that are legal and safe but have similar effects and benefits as the illegal ones. Additionally, they want their customers to have stress-free lifestyles which we find very important for a brand, as it shows that they care about their consumers.


JustDelta is known for its gummies and cartridges that have space designs and are available in exotic flavors, such as peach, pineapple, strawberry, and some others.


This company offers a satisfaction guarantee that lasts for 30 days. After that, you can’t get a refund or exchange. You must return the product in its original packaging and email them with a receipt and proof of your purchase. When it comes to shipping, their packages arrive within 3-5 days and you can track the order.

Customer experience

Their customers especially like the summer vibes they get from the flavors and the effects they give. Some of the consumers expressed that they get results from only one gummy and that JustDelta’s products help them sleep better at night.

#8. Koi CBD

  • Products that contain 99% pure cannabidiol
  • Excellent flavors and variety of options
  • Treats for pets

Even though this company was founded in 2015, it already gained a great number of followers. Their goal is to produce quality products for CBD users and some of their products have no THC, which can be great if you want to avoid getting high but still get effects.


What is unique about this brand is that they have CBD skincare products that you can use, and bath and body products as well. In addition, they have CBD treats and spray for pets. When it comes to delta-8 products, they offer hemp flowers, tinctures, and gummies that are available in different flavors.


If you are not satisfied with the product, you can request a refund within 30 days of the purchase. However, the product must be at least 50% full. In case you receive damaged goods, you can file a claim by emailing their team. Keep in mind that shipping costs are not refundable.

Customer experience

Their customers are especially satisfied with the flavors and the calming effects that they receive from their products. You can see the reviews of each product that is listed individually, which is very useful.

#9. Extract Labs

  • Discounts for veterans
  • Products contain high-quality hemp

This brand was founded by a former combat veteran who wanted to create products that would bring wellness and increase the health journey for veterans, military, essential workers, and others.


Extract Labs provide quality Delta 8 products for affordable prices. You can find oils, tinctures, gummies, concentrates, capsules, bath bombs, and many other natural products that are locally made and tested.


If you spend above $60 on their products, you get free domestic shipping and a possible full refund. What is more, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you will receive 15% off on your order.

Customer experience

Their reviews are very assuring, especially because of the potency and the effects of their products. The combination of quality and affordable Delta 8 products is very refreshing to see.

#10. Blue Moon Hemp

  • Safe and tested products
  • Representatives available for any request

Blue Moon Hemp is a brand that wants to destigmatize hemp and make its powerful benefits available for everyone. Their main goal is to bring hemp’s reputation as an essential supplement that gives a lot of benefits.


They offer Delta 8 gummies, flowers, dabs, cartridges, and gel caps available in several flavors that are locally grown and comprehensively tested.


There is a 30-day risk-free trial to test their products and if you wish to return the item, you will get a full refund. In addition, for orders above $99, you get free shipping.

Customer experience

According to the reviews on the Internet, customers are very satisfied with the enjoyable taste of their gummies and the anxiety-relieving effects that they receive from this brand’s products.

#11. Area 52

  • No harmful elements in their products
  • Slower method of isolation for a better experience

This Us based company is especially interesting, as they focus not only on the health benefits but the experience as well. They believe that consuming hemp products opens new higher-dimensional thinking for every user and that contributes to self-growth and development.


Their specialty is producing premium quality products such as gummies, tinctures, vape cartridges, vape pens, vape batteries, and CBD oil.


You get free shipping for orders that are above $110 and they provide discounts. Their items must be at least half full to be eligible for a refund.

Customer experience

The customers are very interested in the alien-themed website and packaging. Reading the reviews made us realize that their products are as advertised and that they are of great quality.

#12. Everest

  • Products go through a quality test
  • Sustainably made products

Everest’s products are designed to be a relief from everyday stresses. Their products are made from high-grade hemp, they are natural and organically grown.


Their vegan-friendly gummies are a marvelous raspberry flavor and are made from pectin that is very good for your skin. Their other products are mint delta-8 THC oil, unflavoured vape cartridge, and CBD roll-on.


Once their orders are shipped, they will arrive between 2-5 days. However, they deliver only to certain states. The shipping is free for every order that you make.

Customer experience

According to their website, the Everest products are rated five stars for their quality and premium formula. We also found that their products alleviate pain, help in managing nausea, induce sleep, and reduce anxiety and depression.

#13. Bearly legal Hemp Co

  • 100% hemp-derived products
  • Their products are cGMP manufactured

Based on Bearly Legal, they are the number one brand on the market that has high-quality delta-8 infused hemp products that are made from both broad and narrow spectrums of delta-8 THC.


Their hemp lines are divided into three categories: Delta 8 smokeables (cigarettes, flowers, joints, and other) vapes (disposable vapes, batteries, cartridges) and gummies and edibles (gummies, tinctures and softgels).


This brand offers a 30 days return policy, but the products must be in the same condition as when they arrived in order for the refund to be eligible. What differs Bearly Legal from others is that they ship the items on the same day but only in states which don’t have prohibited state laws. You get free shipping for products that cost more than $50.

Customer experience

Consumers seem to like their unique range of products with different flavors and aromas. They have a record of 4.8 stars for their products, which is impressive.

#14. ATLRX

This brand’s mission is to bring the highest quality CBD products. They want to produce products that will substitute medications with natural alternatives.


ALTRX is known to exceed in tinctures that are made and developed to give you instant relaxation. Aside from them, they offer flowers, edibles, hemp products for pets, concentrates and more.


If you feel the need to return the product, they have a refund policy if you initiate a return within 30 days of delivery. When it comes to shipping, the products are processed within 2-3 days and you also receive a tracking number.

Customer experience

The users are mostly satisfied with the quick effects of the products and the excellent customer service.

#15. Eighty-Six

Eighty-Six are advocates when it comes to hemp. They believe that Delta 8 has powerful potential to elevate your mind and stir creativity. Although they are new to the market, they already have a variety of delicious products that are lab-tested and quality-assured.


Their products come in two collections: vapes and edibles. The vape cartridges are in nine different flavors and terpene profiles. Whether you want to relax, sleep better or you want to get creative, you can choose from among their nine products. Their gummies are also quite popular as they come in a couple of different flavors and give strong effects that will get you through the day or keep you calm and relaxed.


Sadly, this company doesn’t return or exchange any products for any reason other than damaged items from delivery. Their packages come from 3 to 7 days, but you have to check if your state allows shipment of such products.

Customer experience

Customers mentioned that they love the flavors and the strength of the gummies. Some are very satisfied with their price as well.

#16. Skyhio

Another on our list is the Indiana-based brand that has brought high-quality and affordable products to the market. They are known especially for their inexpensive vape options that are very effective.


They are mostly known for their vape cartridges that are affordable but give you the right upbeat buzz. Skyhio’s products are made from broad-spectrum hemp retained by a potent mix of terpenes along with delta-8 THC oil. Their other featured products include gummies, tinctures, cookies, cereal treats, brownies, and others that come in several flavors, including cherry pie, bubblegum, wedding cake, etc.


If there is something wrong with your purchase, you may be entitled to a refund if you notify them within 10 days. You also get free shipping for products that are over $99.

Customer experience

Their users are very satisfied with the prices and the unique flavors. Plus, Skyhio’s products are on their game when it comes to bringing the desired effects.

#17. Treetop Hemp CO

This brand is one of the leading producers of Delta 8 products on the market. They are known to use pure hemp extracts and offer products that help people to reduce pain and anxiety.


Treetop Hemp are mostly known for their vape cartridges that give a smooth experience. They are available in five different flavors. Their sativa-motivated products make you feel focused and motivated. The hybrid ones make you uplifted and the indica products give you calming effects. They also have disposables and gummies available in several flavors.

Customer experience

Based on the reviews, their customers are mostly satisfied with the range of flavors and the product’s quality.

#18. Mystic Labs

This company is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing delta-8 products. After researching the benefits of Delta 8, their goal is to produce products that will bring their customers comfort and peace of mind. They formulate, manufacture, package, and ship from their space in Florida.


When it comes to shopping options, Mystic Labs offer gummies that come in different exotic flavors, vape carts, tincture, and trifecta products that include gummies and trifecta shot.


Mystic Labs has a 30 days money-back satisfaction guarantee. They also offer free standard shipping for orders above $75 and free two-day shipping for orders above $125.

Customer experience

From the reviews that we have seen, their customers are pleased with the consistency of the calming effects that these products give.

#19. Hometown hero

This Texas-based company is known for its advocacy about quality. Their team creates products from the best available ingredients and wants to make them accessible for everyone and donate them to veterans.


Their gummies are available in a couple of delicious flavors (blueberry, watermelon, pink lemonade, etc.) and the other products include flavored tinctures, capsules, moon rocks, blunts, roll-ons, rainbow squares and others.


Their return policy lasts 30 days and the package must be in the same condition as received. However, several items like opened bottles can’t be returned. Similarly, they offer free shipping for orders above $50 in the US.

Customer experience

You can see the reviews for each product on their website. Customers seem to be especially pleased with the aromas and the relaxing effects that these products give.

#20. Better Delights

Another brand on our list of best Delta 8 brands is Better Delights. What we like about them is that their products are sorted by categories such as better days, better relief, better delights, better nights, and wildlife.


Their better days collection includes sublinguals that are a safe way to use cannabinoids. Their relief collection includes lotions that help for aches and roll-ons that comfort muscle pain. In addition, their defense collection includes gummies and CBD sublinguals and their delights collection consists of edibles that are sugar-free and vegan. Their better nights collection provides melatonin gummies, while the wildlife ones are intended for pets to support their healthy diet.


They also offer a 30 days refund policy, and their shipping charges are calculated at checkout.

Customer experience

According to the reviews, their products have amazing effects and calming abilities. Furthermore, the pets seem to enjoy their treats as well.

How do we choose these Delta 8 brands?

The selection process for the best delta-8 brands is very thorough and meticulous. Choosing the right brands out of many on the market takes time, effort and understanding, and knowledge for this industry.

Here are the factors that we looked for while analyzing the popular delta-8 brands.

  • Ingredients

The quality of ingredients is extremely important when choosing a product. On our list, we made sure to include brands that produce products made from all-natural ingredients, vegan, gluten-free, and organic ingredients derived from high-quality hemp.

  • Potency

Correspondingly, we selected highly potent products that are also chemical-free. The more potent the product is, the more powerful the effects are. For that reason, we included brands that sell potent, pure, and safe products.

  • Hemp Source

In the same manner, the source of the hemp is not only important for the potency of the delta-8 product but its purity and safety as well. These brands use hemp-derived from licensed farms regulated by the government that doesn’t contain any allergens, contaminants, or other harmful additives.

  • Lab Testing

Appropriately, we checked the company’s lab test reports to make sure that the products are safe, potent, and pure.

  • Flavors

Safety and quality are the most important for us, but the customers want to enjoy the products while consuming them so we made sure to provide brands that provide a large variety of delicious flavors and options that have no weird aftertaste.

  • Price

For a large number of people, price is very important. Very cheap prices can raise suspicions about quality, but very expensive ones can hurt your budget. Therefore, our selected brand’s price ranges are suitable for average consumers.

  • Customer reviews

The opinion of the other customers is also very significant, as it makes you determine the most experienced, transparent, and responsible brands.

Buying guide

If you are a beginner in the Delta 8 world, then it is vital to do a lot of research. Below, we give you a guide to help you determine what you should look for when looking for the best Delta 8 brands.

  • Lab Tests

A lot of the brand’s products are third-party tested, which means that their products are tested for purity and quality. Everything that is discovered will be stated on the certificate of analysis. If a supplier doesn’t provide any lab test, that can mean that the products are not as potent or effective as advertised.

  • Ingredients

As mentioned, ingredients are extremely important when you look for products to buy. Always make sure that they use ingredients that are natural, fat, and vegan-free, organic, and that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals or additives.

  • Additional THC

As a delta-8 consumer, it is of great significance to check the ingredients and make sure that no other types of THC are included otherwise, you might have unwanted psychoactive effects.

  • Purity and Quality

If you want the best experience, look for brands that use natural ingredients and no harmful elements. High-quality products are more potent and more likely to give you the desired effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Delta 8?

Delta-8 is a cannabinoid that is found in small traces in the hemp plant. Its chemical structure is very similar to delta-9 THC, and they both give you psychoactive effects, but the effects when you take products that contain delta-8 are not as potent as the other types of THC.

Q2. What is the difference between Delta 8 and CBD?

Delta-8 is psychoactive, which means that it has effects on the brain and gives you a pleasant high. The effects, however, are not as strong as when you consume delta-9 products. CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t contain any THC and is mostly used for medical purposes.

Q3. What are the benefits of Delta 8?

Results from studies and reviews from customers have shown that consuming delta-8 products can give you a lot of benefits from reducing anxiety and depression, increased motivation and productivity, increased appetite, reducing nausea, improving sleep quality, pain relief, calming and relaxing effects to feelings of happiness and euphoria, and many more.

Q4. Is Delta 8 safe for your health?

These products are relatively safe to use as long as you buy them from trustworthy brands that sell products that are tested. The products from such brands undergo extensive extraction and manufacturing processes that control the safety levels and the effects of the products.

Q5. Can you fail a drug test if you consume Delta 8 products?

The answer is yes, as delta-8 contains THC. Despite not being very potent, delta-8 can still show on a drug test, so be aware if you want to take one, as it can result in a falsely positive test.

Q6. Is Delta 8 legal?

In the US, these products are legal in over 38 states, which are allowed by the Farm Bill in 2018. All the goods that are derived from hemp that contain less than 0.3% THC are considered federally legal. If you are not sure whether your state allows you to purchase such products, make sure to check before you buy them.


That concludes our list of the best delta 8 brands that are ruling the cannabis market. These brands produce a large variety of high-quality products that are regularly tested and intended to give you desired effects and sensations. From edibles to vape cartridges, hemp flowers, tinctures, skincare, treats for pets, and many more, they have it all. Select the brand that sells products that work best for you, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different options, mixtures, and flavors and share your experience with us.

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