XR Smartwatch Reviews (Scam or Legit?) Does XR Fitness Tracker Watch Work?

Just like any other product in its category, the XR Smartwatch is a fitness bracelet that can be used by anyone, including people who are not so keen on technology. This is because it’s easy to use and doesn’t have complicated settings. On the contrary, the product has a simple design and looks good with any type of outfit. It can even be put on even when going to a cocktail party and wearing a more elegant attire.

How Does the XR Smartwatch Work?

The XR Smartwatch can be paired with any smartphone that uses the iOS and Android operating systems. It shows not only the time, but also health stats, indicating the following:

  • Blood pressure levels
  • The steps walked in a day
  • The approximate number of calories burned
  • And others…

People who should use this fitness bracelet are those who either need to lose weight, or those for whom it is very important to have their health stats indicated. For example, if you happen to suffer from hypertension, you can use this device to keep track of your heartbeat and identify when it’s time for you to take your meds. However, for this to be possible, you need to keep the smartwatch on all the time.

What Do People Have to Say About the XR Smartwatch?

The XR Smartwatch website features many reviews left by people who have used this product and are satisfied with the way it has worked for them. Below is what these people have to say.

Brenda M. from Cincinnati, Ohio mentions that her niece simply loves this watch. She is simply amazed by how many functions the device has, especially since it doesn’t cost at all that much, as it will be seen in the last section of this review. Brenda thinks that the special deal she got on the XR Smartwatch is great!

Jean B. from Raleigh, NC bought the XR Smartwatch after reading many reviews on it online. And she’s glad that she bought it because the watch has great battery life and feels good around the wrist. Besides, it also has many settings and a stylish, classy look. Jean recommends those who exercise a lot to use this watch. She says that she’s simply in love with it.

Mike S. from Atlanta, GA says that the XR Smartwatch is his first device of this kind, and he’s very in love with it because it has many features for recording fitness activities. The XR Smartwatch is a device that exceeded Mike’s expectations, and he simply loves it.

Is the XR Smartwatch Difficult to Use?

While not everyone knows the XR Smartwatch’s functions, the device is very easy to use. It should be worn around the wrist and have the stats read when it’s important to read health stats. This device is also very durable, as it’s made from the most ultra-durable aluminum alloy. Besides, its battery lasts very long. This means that if you wear the XR Smartwatch for an entire day without charging it, the device won’t go off when you need it the most.

How Much Does the XR Smartwatch Cost?

For now, the XR Smartwatch comes for FREE. You can get it only on the official website that advertises it, and you need to pay only for shipping and handling, which is $13.57, minus $5 discount, so $8.57 in total. Payments can be made via card, so there’s no PayPal or other e-wallet option. The device gets delivered through USPS. If you have any problem with it, or you need to ask a question about how it works, you can contact the XR Smartwatch customer support at:

  • 866-569-7421



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