Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid Reviews: Real Results for Customers?

As people progress with age, more often than not, their bodies and a few of their five senses may end up failing them. This will include their eyesight, hearing, and even motion. This may limit their functions and even put them in harm’s way.

There exist devices in the current market that have been touted to help deal with auditory impairment. However, with so many of these hearing aid devices on the market, ordinary folks may be forced to purchase expensive products or be duped into acquiring useless bogus products.

Introducing the Soundwise Aria Hearing aids that have been customized to deal with audio impairment. These are state-of-the-art hearing aids, designed with the same tech that expensive aids use but at a fraction of the cost and size.

What are Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are devices worn in the ear to improve one’s hearing capabilities that use CIA technology. Their sleek and tiny design makes them hardly noticeable once placed inside the ear lobe. This will help you avoid expensive sessions with an audiologist, especially since they do not require a doctor’s prescription. From the comfort of your living room, you could order a pair of the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids that will be shipped right to your doorstep in no time.

How do they work?

The Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids have been equipped with an amplifier to bolster voice clarity while blocking out noise from the background. They are designed to block noise, wind, and other unwanted sounds. They have a microphone whose role is to capture and digitize sounds. The amplifier placed in each hearing aid will raise the digitized sounds. The receiver then conveys the amplified sound to the ear to be relayed to the brain for interpretation.

They also come with a volume toggle button that allows you to reduce or increase the volume on the Soundwise Arias accordingly. Once they have depleted their charge, place them back in their case to recharge them.


The Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids has various benefits that have made them outliers in the market compared to their competitors for both cost, ease of use, and clarity.

  • They are small and have a functional design. This makes them barely noticeable and will remain comfortable even when wearing facemasks, reading glasses and face masks, or oxygen tubing.
  • You could easily adjust the volume when need be.
  • You won’t require a doctor’s prescription or audiogram testing to purchase, making Soundwise Aria Hearing aids considerably cheaper.
  • They are easy to operate, use up-to-date technology, and you will improve your hearing within a few minutes after they are charged.
  • They come with noise reduction capabilities to filter out unwanted noises.
  • No hearing aid batteries are required as they are rechargeable.
  • They also come with a one-year warranty included in the package.

Who is the target market?

Below are a few signs that may indicate that you require the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids;

  • You can’t hear the chirping of birds.
  • You tend to avoid public gatherings, outings, and even movie theaters as you can barely catch up with the dialogues.
  • You have to keep asking people to repeat themselves all the time
  • You have to fake laugh jokes as you probably can’t hear anything
  • You often lose your balance unprovoked
  • You find it hard to focus and concentrate

This is prevalent in older folk, who experience an internal ringing noise in either one or both ears. They will come in handy for individuals with tinnitus. They will considerably tone down the ringing noise affording you a more comfortable life. They will also retrain your brain using a technique known as habituation to ignore tinnitus symptoms. This will be achieved by better clarity of the sounds around you and may eventually not notice the ringing sounds.

Your ears are responsible for hearing and ensuring stability while in motion via the vestibular system. This has been proven by research and studies by John Hopkins indicating that even a tiny hearing impairment could triple your chances of falling. The Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids will improve your balance and help you avert life-changing falls too.

Purchase the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids

According to the official website, the Soundwise Aria Hearing aids only cost a fraction of what legacy hearing aids cost is, $499.00 for a single package. You could decide to order a second package for $749.00, slashing the second package price by 50%. There lies a third option of ordering a single package and paying in three installments of each $185.00, totaling up to $555.00. The company accepts HSA or FSA cards and is tax-deductible. All this is inclusive of free shipping.

The $499.00 package will include:

  • Charging case
  • Charging cable
  • Volume adjustment and Cleaning tool
  • Five ear domes that enable custom sizing
  • 2 Soundwise Aria Hearing aids

Most hearing aids have to be prescribed by doctors, which makes them quite expensive. This is because they factor in their salaries, the equipment required to diagnose the issue, and the doctor’s premises. As explained by Soundwise, the fair pricing resulted from cutting the middleman out and their overhead costs in the supply chain.

You may be wondering if they are up to the required standards as they are not medically prescribed. However, the Soundwise team has onboarded Dr. Kent Nunnally, medical personnel who counter checks the devices to ensure they are medically sound for thousands of patients who require them.

Some happy customers had to say about the Soundwise Aria Hearing aids.


Florence Jefferson, 62, Texas

What a godsend and a winner!

When I saw this product, I was wary. I looked for my 95-year-old mother, who has age-related hearing loss in her right ear. She didn’t want it. I ordered it anyway, thinking it might help before we went to the audiologist and paid 4000.00 for hearing aids. It arrived earlier than I expected, well packaged, and in its nice case. It felt extremely solid and well made. The instructions are simple, and I mean simple and easy to follow. I put it on my mom’s ear on the lowest volume setting that was the default right out of the box. She was instantly amazed. She could hear me speaking in a normal voice even from another room, which hadn’t been possible in years, but she could listen to her TV and her beloved music at an average volume. I would love to send our thanks and appreciation to Soundwise for making an affordable and wonderful product. I will be telling everyone I know and see about this product. To see her smile when I was talking in a normal voice and not watch my windows shake when she tried to watch TV is worth gold ��

Terry Anderson, 69, Tennessee

I’m a docent at our local museum and need to be able to hear our guests. I noticed my hearing was bad in the big display rooms where everything is on hard surfaces. I couldn’t hear the questions, and I’d ask them to repeat them repeatedly. I could tell after a while they’d stop asking because it was annoying. So I tried these hearing aids despite my skepticism that they would do much. I was very surprised at their quality. And I can hear my guests’ questions much better. I wear them all the time now, and it is much more comfortable to watch TV with my wife. I’m not constantly rewinding the tv to hear what they said! I’m a fan. I gave it four stars because I would like the volume to be easier to adjust. Otherwise, these are great.

Leena K.

This is the best thing since mother’s milk!

I have been wearing hearing aids for several years. I just got them today, charged them up, put them in, and instantly fell in love with them.

Contact the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid company 8 am to 5 pm MT Monday – Friday, customer support is a live chat or email, and the customer can choose to purchase the Lost Hearing Aid Protection for an additional $97.00 on the checkout page; this will replace up to lost two hearing aids for free and comes with free shipping, and for up to one year after purchase, as the one year guarantee mentioned above does not cover hearing aids that are lost.

  • Support Email: Barb@GetSoundwise.com
  • Live Chat: 1-800-599-1304

In conclusion, the Soundwise Aria Hearing aids will improve hearing and sound quality through their impeccable technology involved and improve your balance while fixing your tinnitus.

So Don’t wait, Get Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid Today! >>>