PhenQ Meal Shake Reviews – Will It Replace Meals for Weight Loss?

Even though almost everyone wants to lose weight and improve their appearance, many give up halfway through the process for various reasons. Attempts to lose weight using the conventional dieting approach have been a resounding failure. People’s busy schedules and heavy responsibilities make it difficult to find the time to plan, prepare, and eat a good meal that fulfills their sense of taste and hunger while also helping them reach their weight loss goals. An important part of eating a healthy, balanced diet is planning your meals ahead of time.

If you don’t eat regularly, you’re more likely to resort to unhealthy weight-gain methods. For busy professionals, meal replacement shakes have seemed to be an effective solution. Even though meal replacement shakes for losing weight are still uncommon, they’ve done wonders both for males and females who use them successfully. The best weight loss shakes for people who cheat on their diet are those that contain adequate nutrition, taste great, and work best for those who’ve already done a lot of exercising in the past. It’s not recommended to replace all of your meal options with shakes, but doing so for a few days at a time can help you drop a few pounds. In the long run, they’re still a viable option for a quick and healthy meal. PhenQ offers the Complete Meal Shake as one viable option.

Complete Meal Shake, according to PhenQ’s official website, is a promising natural weight loss supplement. PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is an innovative dietary supplement that helps people lose weight by suppressing their appetite, increasing their metabolism, and providing them with sustained energy. Not only does it decrease hunger, but it also helps them burn fat more quickly by raising metabolism and retaining energy.

Check out the following in-depth review to learn more about the Complete Meal Shake.

What is PhenQ Complete Meal Shake?

One full meal can be replaced by one serving of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, a botanically-based supplement. This keto-friendly shake is simple to make. It also has InnoSlim, a weight-loss supplement backed by science to help you slim down naturally. It only needs a few key components and can be whipped up in no time. The formula is like a lifesaver for anyone looking to shed pounds without having to deprive themselves of their favorite foods or spend hours in the kitchen preparing filling meals. Taking a Complete Meal Shake is supposed to help you lose weight, control your appetite, and stay energized all day long.

How Does Complete Meal Shake Work?

To help you in a way no other meal shake can, PhenQ Complete Meal Shake does have a multi-pronged mechanism. It aims to satisfy your craving for a delicious meal while also providing you with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. However, the formula’s primary goal is long-term fitness, not just short-term satisfaction.

Satiety Generation:

Complete Meal Shake’s fiber promotes satiety, which helps you get fit or, as the case may be, shed a few pounds. Satiety is a feeling you get when your belly is full, not a mental state. A couple of scoops dissolved in 8-16 ounces of low-fat milk or water is all you need to replace one complete meal and promote a feeling of fullness, which can help you avoid overeating calories.

Stress Management:

Constant worry is a major factor in gaining weight and the inability to maintain a fit body. Complete Meal Shake’s effects have far-reaching and can affect virtually every aspect of your health. A stressful situation increases the stress hormone cortisol, which fuels the body’s carb and fat metabolism. Thus, you will have more desire to eat sweets, fat content, and salty foods, as well as an increase in your appetite. In PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, stress is targeted and dealt with by adaptogens, which help the body acclimate to it. This optimal method keeps your appetite low and your weight in check.

Metabolism Activation:

The key to maintaining a healthy weight is to have a smooth metabolism, which indicates how well our body handles fat. PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is designed to boost your body’s natural appetite-suppressing responses. According to the manufacturers, a unique enzyme is activated by taking this supplement, which increases metabolism. AMPK-activated protein kinase is the name given to this enzyme. This enzyme’s response slows down as we get older or make unhealthy lifestyle choices instead of healthy ones. As a result, our innate ability to burn and eliminate fat from our bodies weakens, leading to a weight increase and a decrease in energy levels. As a result, the energy stimulates your cells to burn fat instead of storing it, which benefits your overall health and well-being.

Complete Meal Shake Flips your Metabolic Switch

PhenQ’s nutrition experts have worked hard to create a shake that can completely change your metabolism. Inflammatory functions of the major organs have been studied extensively during the development of Complete Meal Shake. Analyze how PhenQ keeps talking about physiologic change AMP-activated protein kinase, also known as AMPK, is referred to as the metabolic switch. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down the body’s stubborn fat deposits. You can think of AMP-activated protein kinase as just a fat-burning machine. As soon as this enzyme is activated, the cells will be stimulated to begin shedding fat. PhenQ comes to the rescue here. PhenQ Complete Meal Shake activates AMPK in your body. The kinase tends to slow down with age, making it more difficult for your body to lose calories. As a result, you put on weight. To help you lose weight again, the makers of PhenQ created a meal replacement shake with a special formula. The increased AMPK response helps your body burn fat more efficiently.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Ingredients

The company provides the complete list of ingredients and abundances early to compare PhenQ Complete Meal Shakes with the other currently available weight loss formulas, protein supplements, and medications.


InnoSlim contains a proprietary variety of natural compounds designed specifically to help people shed pounds. Through the regulation of AMPK, InnoSlim helps reduce calorie consumption and improve weight loss practices while also curbing hunger.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha:

Weight loss increased endurance, and reduced stress is all benefits of taking KSM-66 Ashwagandha. According to studies, KSM-66 extract increases muscular strength by 138% while reducing stress levels by 33%, reducing the desire to engage in comfort eating when taken orally.

Pea Protein:

Each serving of Complete Food Shake contains 12 grams of pea protein. Complete Meal Shake’s pea protein, according to PhenQ, is just as effective as whey protein in terms of helping people gain lean muscle mass. The result is that you get more nutrients and amino acids into your system than you would from dairy protein, resulting in better muscle growth. Pea Protein has a 94 percent digestibility rate, which aids in absorbing other food particles without having caused belly upset or gastrointestinal systems issues, per several dieting experts.

MCT Coconut Oil:

There are 13 grams of MCT coconut oil in each meal shake serving. MCT oil can help you switch from a carbon/sugar-based to a fat-burning metabolism, allowing you to lose weight. On the other hand, it aids in weight loss by making you feel fuller for longer. It’s a miracle that brain functions help glucose be converted into energy instead of formed fat cells. Ketones, delivered to the brain, are energy sources and increase satisfaction without requiring a hobbit-like diet.

Reishi Mushroom Extract:

It’s claimed that the “immortality mushroom” in PhenQ is a potent adaptogen extract. There are several advantages to taking Reishi Mushroom extract, including a decrease in fatigue, increased energy and cognition, and better control of blood sugar.

Linseed Flour:

Nutritionists believe that adding linseed flour to a Complete Meal Shake can help control inflammation and improve overall health. It’s loaded with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Because linseed contains potent appetite suppressors, it helps keep weight loss from taxing your cardiovascular system.

Hemp Protein:

1.5 grams of hemp protein are included in the Complete Meal Shake to complement the pea protein. In promoting PhenQ, the manufacturer points to studies showing, among other things, that hemp protein aids in suppressing hunger for unhealthy foods and in controlling blood sugar levels. It has been shown that hemp protein is comparable to egg protein in terms of digestibility, blood sugar consistency, and food cravings suppression, all of which are important for weight loss.

Brown Rice Protein:

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake adds pea protein and hemp protein with brown rice protein for a stronger workout. Even though it has similar strength and energy to whey protein, it can be digested completely without causing stomach problems.


PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Benefits

When it comes to PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, the benefits accrued are available to customers:

Substitutes one Complete Meal:

All good food replacement shakes are designed to replace one complete meal, and Complete Meal Shake is no exception. There are important micronutrients in every weight loss formula. Still, the whole meal shake includes fats, activators, and other vitamins that aren’t found in the other weight reduction formulas, such as protein drinks.

Remove Excess Weight:

PhenQ’s Complete Meal Shake could indeed assist with weight loss by assisting in losing excess weight. Each serving has 269 calories, so you’re getting a lot of nutrition without consuming a lot of calories. The PhenQ team combines scientific components and weight loss formulae that have been scientifically verified to finish the ideal food replacement shake. Complete Meal Shake boosts the fat-burning enzyme AMPK to help you lose weight faster and keep it off.

Satisfy Hunger Cravings:

The best way to lose weight is to reduce calorie intake while increasing calorie expenditure. PhenQ facilitates weight loss by decreasing hunger. You’ll feel fuller longer with PhenQ Complete Meal Shake’s 16 g protein and 13 g MCT oil, both of which would help you shed pounds. It can also help to keep you comfortable by absorbing excess water from your abdomen. For all of these reasons, PhenQ’s Complete Meal Shake helps with weight loss by decreasing hunger.

Boost Energy Naturally:

MCT oil and other substances can be used to boost your natural energy with PhenQ. Many people boost their energy by consuming MCT oil and other healthy fats daily. The Complete Meal Shake contains MCT oil derived from coconuts. Various studies have shown that MCT oil has numerous benefits, including an increase in overall health and an improvement in cognition.

Increase Muscular Power:

The PhenQ Complete Meal Shake has 16 grams of vegan protein. After a workout, the body needs key proteins to help rebuild muscle fibers. If you’re trying to shed weight through exercise, you’ll need protein to help with endurance as well as recovery. PhenQ also emphasized the use of ashwagandha to boost muscle strength: KSM-66 ashwagandha showed a 1387.7 percent increase in muscle strength in a significant study.

Ideal for Exercise:

It can be difficult to mix healthy meals into your busy schedule if you lead a hectic lifestyle. There is no better way to lose weight while on the go than PhenQ’s meal replacement shake. You can get this good meal replacement shake for about $2 a day.

How to Use PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

A single bag contains nine servings, which is more than enough to replace nine regular meals. Take 300-400ml of milk, water, or other beverage to make it. Add 1-2 scoops of the natural blend and blend until smooth, being careful not to add any sugar. As a result, the shake has become ready to be served as a delicious and filling meal, which you can consume up to three times per day.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Pricing

PhenQ Meal Shake is only available from the company’s official website. The manufacturer also advises purchasing more than two bags to save money and get better results. The following are the costs:

  • One bag – 9 meals: $26.95
  • Two bags – 18 meals: $49.90
  • Three bags – 27 meals: $68.85

In addition, the marketer offers three freebies after purchasing PhenQ, including:

  • A digital guide includes ten delicious shake recipes that will help you lose weight by revving up your metabolism.
  • An e-book includes ten sweet recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth while also curbing your cravings.
  • Get your muscles sculpted and toned with free workout guides.
  • Members of PhenQ also receive exclusive discounts on a limited number of products.

PhenQ Meal Replacement Shake, according to the manufacturer, can help with weight loss, improve protein synthesis, reduce appetite, boost energy levels, and help build lean muscle mass. There is, therefore 60-day money-back guarantee on every order if even after 60 days after purchasing PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, you don’t see any significant changes in your body composition. Contact customer service at (646) 513 2632 for more information.

  • Phone: +1 (646) 513 2632


Q: Does PhenQ Meal Shake work with a keto diet?

A: Without a doubt! It’s a natural fit with the ketogenic diet’s way of life. If you’re bored or tired of eggs, PhenQ Meal Shake may well be a wonderful chocolate treat you’ve been searching for.

Q: When should I expect to see positive results?

A: While it can vary from person to person, many PhenQ customers notice positive results after just a few days of taking the supplement’s meal replacement shakes.

Q: Will it cause me to lose a lot of weight?

A: The answer is no. PhenQ Meal Shake’s creators made sure the right proportions of each ingredient were used, so it can be used as a daily food replacement without causing any strange side effects. It’s all-natural, and it takes time for it to build up in your own system and give you these incredible benefits.

Q: Does PhenQ Meal Shake has caffeine in it?

A: The answer is no. It’s caffeine-free. It’s made up of ingredients that improve cognitive function and energy levels without active boosters and their drawbacks.

Q: What can be said of its flavor?

A: The chocolate malt shake meets a chocolate doughnut; that’s how I would describe it. PhenQ customers love the fact that it has a chocolate flavor to it. There were numerous checks conducted by PhenQ, including a rigorous “taste test,” to ensure the recipe met all of the necessary criteria.


When using PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, you have a wide range of fat-burning options at your disposal. PhenQ is a brand-new weight-loss supplement brand. 24 adaptogens, nutrients, and vitamins aren’t found in any other fat-burning supplements currently on the market, so it’s a game-changer. AMPK, an enzyme that speeds up cellular metabolism, is stimulated when PhenQ Complete Meal is taken, according to the manufacturer. This meal replacement shake boosts your immunity, lowers cortisol levels, and gets your body into ketosis to help you lose weight faster. The formulation can help people lose weight by boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite, and increasing energy, among other things.

If you look at PhenQ Complete Meal Shake customer reviews, you’ll see that most people are delighted with it. PhenQ believes that your fitness and health should come first, and that’s what it’s all about. Irrespective of age, a complete meal shake is an excellent dietary supplement. This supplement should be used in pairing with exercise for great results.

Visit PhenQ.com today to learn more about PhenQ’s Complete Meal Shake and how it works.


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