Orbi Flying Boomerang Ball Reviews – Is Orbi Ball Worth It or Cheap Drone Orb Toy?

Orbi Flying Ball is a multi-colored boomerang ball that gives you countless entertainment possibilities and enthralls your entire family for hours as it is made to float, glide, spin and rise through the air. This rechargeable flying toy can soar over 100 feet and return to you like a boomerang.

The toy’s creator asserts that the toy can foster creativity. The Orbi Flying Ball is a drone-like device with LED lights that improve vision. Some say the Orbi Flying Ball can cure smartphone addiction and enhance kids’ social skills. The ball rotates and spins at various angles, producing colors that may enthrall adults and children.

Special Qualities of the Orbi Flying Ball

The Orbi Flying Ball has many distinctive characteristics. They are:

User-friendly: Even young kids may easily manage the Orbi Flying Ball due to its simplicity and ease of use. Older users can spin it at various angles to enjoy the pleasure. Both children and adults will enjoy using the ball. Orbi Flying balls, according to their designers, can spin and move in the air in the direction you want.

Durable: You’ll be pleased to learn that The Orbi Flying Ball has a durable build that is intended to shield it from impacts such as falls, bumps, drops, and other types of impacts that it may experience while engaging in free activity.

Small and Compact: The Orbi Flying Ball is a portable device that can be used anywhere because of its small and compact size. It’s the kind of toy you can throw about whether you’re at work, at a park, or just lounging around the house with your kids. It also doesn’t require a lot of room to keep you entertained.

Wand Control: A magic wand can control Orbi Flying Ball when it is in the air. You may hover, glide, spin, and climb the ball through the air with the wand, which functions as its remote control, and you can even have it returned to you using this magic wand.

Simple to Use: All that is required from the player is to switch the device on, check that it is standing straight, shake it, and let it handle the rest. It can be made to execute a few easy tricks with just a simple throw into the air.

High-quality rechargeable battery: The micro-USB cable that comes with the Orbi Flying ball can be used to recharge the battery in this device. It charges quickly and keeps running for a while after that.

Brightly colored RGB lights: The Orbi Flying ball has three different colored RGB LED lights that may change colors to create an interesting effect. The LED lights provide an immersive and thrilling experience, which are powerful enough to illuminate any room you want to play the game in. The LED lights’ rainbow of hues is intended to mimic the rainbow of colors seen when fireworks are set off in the sky.

Benefits of Using Orbi Flying Ball

Here are a few benefits that can be gained from using the Orbi Flying ball:

  • Users can use the Orbi Flying Ball to help them stay active and get rid of boredom. It can improve focus and combat brain fog in adults.
  • Do you struggle to maintain harmony in your home, especially when the kids are present? You should then buy them an Orbi Flying Ball. While you get some peace of mind, this toy keeps them completely entertained and interested.
  • The Orbi Flying Ball may strengthen relationships between loved ones and within families. The ball must be physically manipulated, making it perfect for creating memorable moments.
  • This flying ball can be used as an alternative or as a training tool for your drone flying sessions if you love flying drones but are a beginner or are afraid to fly. Orbi Flying Ball is similar to a little drone that can be thrown and jostled without breaking or suffering other damage.
  • Due to the vibrant colors emanating from its rainbow light, this amazing orbi ball is very captivating. It catches children’s attention with its exhilarating bursts of various colors in the dark.

How to Use the Orbi Ball in Games

Thanks to its contemporary appearance, the Orbi Flying Ball is simple. Even a one-year-old can participate in family activities using this toy. All you have to do to get an Orbi before they run out is go to their official website and place an order. Take your boomerang ball out of the packing as soon as it is delivered, then leave it somewhere secure for it to charge for about 25 minutes.

Turn on the orbi ball after charging it, hold it upright as you throw it into the air, and watch in awe as it shows acrobatic light displays before landing back in your hand. Utilizing this spinning ball is made extra easier by the instructions with the Orbi flying ball. The numerous playing styles that the Orbi allows are also described in the manual that comes with it.

What things come with your package?

The packaging for The Orbi Flying Ball includes the following items:

  • Instructions on how to use the toy
  • Adapter Cable
  • Magnetic Iron Dome

The Orbi Ball is roughly the size of a baseball or roughly the size of a softball. Additionally, it weighs about 26g.

Guide on where and how to Purchase Orbi Flying Ball

On the official store, which is the manufacturer’s website, Orbi Flying Ball may be purchased immediately. You can be sure you’re getting the genuine heater and avoid many scammers by ordering this incredibly effective ball from the official website. Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover Network, and other credit cards, along with PayPal, can be used to purchase Orbi Ball. With family and friends, have hours of crazy fun.


The Orbi Flying Ball is marketed as the perfect flying toy for girls and boys. Users have access to many hours of entertainment and tricks. The Orbi Flying Ball may also be utilized from various throwing angles and multicolored LED lighting. The ball is inexpensive, dependable, and easy to use.

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