Oil Spots Gone Reviews – Concrete Oil Stain Remover That Works?

Oil stains on the concrete driveway, pavers, and patio can be an eyesore. Similarly, oil stains can be a health hazard, particularly in households with young children and pets. Traditional oil removers like citric acid, baking soda, and other harsh chemicals only lift the oil stains, and after drying out, the stain returns.

There are numerous concrete oil stain removers on the market. However, some contain harsh chemicals while others take a lot of time to use. Oil Spots Gone is a revolutionary oil stain remover that is easy to use, convenient, and has zero harsh chemicals. How does the oil stain remover work? Continue reading this guide to discover if Oil Spots Gone is worth the price.

What are Oil Spots Gone?

Oil Spots Gone manufacturer advertises it as the “Industry’s most powerful oil stain removing formula.” It has zero harsh ingredients, bleach, or acid. In addition, it is eco-friendly. The oil stain remover is ideal for lifting stains on concrete, pavers, bricks, and other surfaces. Oil Spots Gone can also remove petroleum-based stains such as brake and transmission fluids.

Unlike similar products, Oil Spots Gone promises to provide results instantly. Users only need to spray the contents on the stain and wipe it with a rag, and the stain will disappear. The manufacturer states that the oil mark will not resurface even after drying.

Oil Spots Gone Safety Precautions

Oil Spots Gone is highly flammable. Users should not use it near fireplaces or incinerate empty cans.

It should be stored in high places away from young children and pets

Oil Spots Gone should be used in well-ventilated spaces. If you need to spray it on the garage floors, it is best to open the doors wide for maximum air circulation.

The Oil Spots Gone contents expand when under pressure. Consequently, it should be stored in cool and dry places.

Although it has zero corrosive elements, Oil Spots Gone users should wash their hands after every use.

Oil Be Gone Features and Benefits

Fast Evaporation

The Oil Spots Gone contents are quickly absorbed in the concrete. Within a few seconds, users can wipe off the residue. Thus, instead of waiting for hours for the oil remover to work, Oil Spots Gone provides consumers with instant results. Fast evaporation also means zero chemicals left on the concrete surface.

Zero Residues

All Oil Spots Gone ingredients are in safe chemical composition. The remover is designed to clean the surfaces without retaining any residue. After spraying the oil satin spots, wipe off the area with a rag absorbing the oil molecules plus any other residues remaining from the oil remover.


Oil Spots Gone is supposedly created using eco-friendly components. It has zero harsh chemicals that may irritate the skin or cause respiratory issues. Still, users must avoid touching the Oil Spots Gone contents or inhaling them. In addition, the manufacturer recommends using the oil remover in open spaces with plenty of ventilation.

Safe Ingredients

All Oil Spots Gone components are user-friendly and eco-friendly. There are zero dangers of getting any nasty side effects from oil remover.


How to Use Oil Spots Gone

Oil Spots Gone is a user-friendly and eco-friendly stain remover. One can supposedly lift to 17 “average” stains. Depending on the stain size, you may require to use more Oil Spots Gone amounts. For best results, the creator recommends using the extension spray straw and applying the contents when the temperatures outside are more than 70 degrees. Users should only use the Oil Spots Gone in well-ventilated areas because the contents are highly flammable.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to Use Oil Be Gone

Step 1 – Shake It

Shake the Oil Spots Gone vigorously to ensure the contents mixes well. You can shake for up to 10 seconds.

Step 2 – Spray It

The creator recommends spraying the surface with the oil mark with heavy wet spray. For optimal results, spray from a distance of about four-six inches above the oil blemish.

Step 3 – Wipe It

The maker recommends wiping the wet surface immediately using a dry rag. The Oil Spots Gone quickly dissolves the oil molecules, and after wiping, the oil stains are transferred from the concrete to the rag.

Oil Spots Gone Pricing

Customers can purchase Oil Spots Gone only via the official website. The oil remover retails at promotional prices, and the manufacturer gives amazing discounts on all pieces. You can purchase multiple cans to get better discounts.

All Oil Spots Gone cans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The creator recommends sending the videos indicating that the oil remover did not work via the email address on their official website.

Final Word

Oil Spots Gone is a fast-acting oil remover. It contains ingredients that act on oil stains on the concrete, pavers, driveway, and other surfaces. Oil Spots Gone has zero harsh chemicals, user-friendly and eco-friendly.