MasterHUD Pro Reviews – Does the Master HUD Pro Work?

Your driving experience can be tremendous or uncomfortable depending on the distance you need to travel and whether or not you have any aids. Road experts have successfully proven that driving support, e.g., a Head-Up-Display, can enhance safety.

Its mere presence will help the driver focus on the road by ensuring they don’t have to keep looking at the speedometer. The display also provides you with other stats related to your driving, ensuring you don’t have to split your focus between several tasks.

Its presence becomes more apparent when driving long distances or at high speeds. Many of the Head-Up-Displays in use today offer more than one function. In this review, we will look at MasterHUD Pro and what it has to offer.

What Is MasterHUD Pro?

As mentioned in the introduction, MasterHUD Pro is a Head-Up-Display meant to enable drivers to monitor their driving parameters, such as speed, without losing sight of the road ahead. It works as a driver assistance system that provides you with timely reports on your road performance.

Having it installed in your car not only makes life easy for you but also helps protect pedestrians who may find themselves in harm’s way if you get distracted. The MasterHUD pro connected to your dashboard becomes activated when you switch the car on.

You’ll need to use the OBD port to connect this device. One of the features we love about the MasterHUD Pro is its Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to pair the gadget with your smartphone. Moreover, you can use it with any car, regardless of its year of manufacture.

MasterHUD Pro Features

MasterHUD Pro has several physical components that enable it to stand out from its competition. Some of these components include:

Optical Transparency Reflector

It’s a transparent shield in MasterHUD Pro that displays essential data such as fuel usage, travel speed, time, single miles, water temperature, and battery voltage. It shows the data in a transparent form allowing you to concentrate on the road.

Multiple Distinct Buttons

MasterHUD Pro has several built-in buttons which you can use to operate the gadget. For example, there is an ‘M’ for Menu, a decrease button to its left, a ‘Save” button, and a downward pointing arrow.

Independent Power Switcher

The MasterHUD Pro contains an independent power switch that immediately becomes activated when the ignition is turned on and off when you switch off your car.

Benefits Offered by MasterHUD Pro

You’re probably wondering why you should buy the MasterHUD Pro for your car. Below is a look at some of its top benefits:

  • Built-in GPS: MasterHUD Pro uses the built-in Global Positioning System to calculate your car’s speed while in motion.
  • Alarms: It has multiple alarms that will sound off if something goes amiss. For example, it will display a warning if you’re driving too fast, if the battery voltage becomes too low, or if the water temperature becomes too high.
  • Adaptive Photosensitive Brightness: It’s a feature that adapts based on the current ambient temperature. The backlight becomes soft at night and apparent during the day. You can expect it to dim when traveling in a dark area and vice versa.
  • OBD II Port Connection: You need to connect the MasterHUD Pro to the OBD port for it to work.
  • Stereoscopic Imaging: It’s an invention used by the MasterHUD Pro to suspend information using semi-transparent optics to ensure that it doesn’t distract the driver.
  • Multi-Function Switch: Drivers have an option to activate up to four functions at a time. These options are single mileage, travel speed, water temperature, and battery voltage. However, you can also choose to activate additional functions such as entertainment, time and fuel consumption display, or navigation distance.

MasterHUD Pro Pricing and Availability

MasterHUD Pro has many benefits and significantly improves the traditional Head Down Design, which can easily distract you. Looking at all the benefits it provides, you would expect it to retail at exorbitant rates, but this is not the case, as seen below:

  • Buy 3 MasterHUD Pro, GET 2 FREE ($ 55/each) or $ 277
  • Buy 2 MasterHUD Pro, GET 1 FREE ($ 62/each) or $ 187
  • Buy 1 MasterHUD Pro ($ 89/each)

A 2-year money-back guarantee backs Master HUD. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h
  • Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)
  • Email: care@urpurchase.com
  • Address: Hyper Sls Ltd 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong