LiveGuard360 Reviews – Is Live Guard 360 Security Cam Legit or Scam?

LiveGuard360 is a security camera powered by a light bulb socket. Anyone who has a smartphone and an internet connection can use it. The camera’s purpose is to provide security on unguarded premises, supervise children, pets, and seniors, and monitor businesses such as warehouses and offices.

LiveGuard360 Camera Features

According to the LiveGuard360 official website, the features of the lightbulb security camera are:

  • Human movement sensor
  • Monitoring activity and environment
  • Infra-red technology for night vision imaging
  • WiFi live streaming with the App
  • Full-HD recording
  • Automatic 360-degree rotation
  • Universal fit for any E27 bulb socket

Why Is It Important to Own a LiveGuard360 Camera?

Valuable possessions should remain in a safe place that’s 24/7 monitored. Also, living in a bad neighborhood can be dangerous because burglars and attackers feel comfortable entering homes that are not equipped with a security system such as the Live Guard 360 Camera. But here are some of the most important reasons why anyone should own a security camera:

  • Real-time recordings of what is happening inside or outside their homes, activity close by, and detecting if delivered packages are stolen.
  • The LiveGuard360 camera is perfect for supervising young children’s babysitters, seniors, and pets when they are home alone.
  • Receive alerts in real-time of what’s happening at the front door or in the backyard
  • Monitoring the activity of an office or warehouse workers

How to Install and Use the LiveGuard360 Camera?

Installing the LiveGuard360 Camera is easy, even for those who are not tech-savvy and haven’t used a security device before. As mentioned above, the camera works simply by inserting it into any standard light bulb socket. After, users need to download the LiveGuard360 App on their smartphones, and they can start viewing the images caught by the camera in real-time and can be used to converse between those in the home from where the owner of the LiveGuard360 is currently with no additional cost. The LiveGuard360 App works with any iOS or Android device.

Where Should the LiveGuard360 Security Cameras Be Installed?

Security cameras should be installed at the front door, in front of driveways to record what’s happening at the garage door, and in front or backyards for increased protection. Besides, these devices also seem to do a great job as doorbell cameras. Whenever someone is ringing at the door, the person inside can see who it is.

But that’s not all, as users can also install the LiveGuard360 camera indoors. People can use it to monitor what happens inside their homes. In case of a burglary, they would have evidence against the person who stole from them. The LiveGuard360 camera keeps track of activity when installed inside the home, making the security camera a great monitoring tool.


Is the LiveGuard360 Security Camera Expensive?

Consumers can purchase the LiveGuard360 security camera from its official website. This device has many unique features that can’t be seen in similar security cameras available on the market and sold at retailers. Getting the LiveGuard360 security camera from the product’s official website guarantees the following prices for the camera:

  • One LiveGuard360 for $59.00 + Free Delivery
  • Two LiveGuard360 for $45.00 each + Free Delivery
  • Buy Two LiveGuard360, Get One Free $36.00 each + Free Delivery
  • Buy Three LiveGuard360 + Get Two Free for $30 each + Free Delivery
  • Four LiveGuard360 for $32.00 each + Free Delivery

Shipping in the US is free, and customers can add a 3-year warranty to the LiveGuard360 security camera(s) for an additional $9.00.

Customers can reach the LiveGuard360 customer support team 9 AM to 2 PM, Mon to Fri (Brazil Time, GMT-5) at:

  • Phone: International: +44 20 3808 9234, 24/7 or Brazil: +552135003992
  • Email Support: care@urpurchase.com
  • Physical address: Hyper Sls Ltd 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong


Consumers can get more LiveGuard360 security cameras and ensure security for every corner of their homes since this not only seems threatening to burglars and attackers but also helps provide evidence to the police in the eventuality of an attack or break-in. Visit the official website to get your LiveGuard360 today.



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