HauSafe Cam Reviews – Powerful Security Alarm Camera That Works?

There are more than 4,500 break-ins in US homes every day. Still, the HauSafe Cam HD can help avoid this unpleasant situation because it promises to be one of the most efficient security devices in the world. And this claim can be considered accurate, seeing that the HauSafe Cam HD features a 1080P lens mounted on a 360-degree panoramic camera with infrared. And there’s more, as this device also sounds the alarm when there’s an intruder. Further, it sends audio two ways. Last, it has a tracking function that automatically activates when unwanted visitors are around.

Why Should People Buy the HauSafe Cam HD?

First, the HauSafe Cam HD is not a significant investment like many other security systems on the market. Instead, it features advanced tech to keep American safe and to help them monitor their children, pets, or seniors. Another great thing about this device is its very affordable price and works with a smartphone. Finally, regarding installation, the HauSafe Cam HD only needs to replace any light bulb in the house. That’s right! This security camera has no wires and doesn’t connect to other, heavier systems. Instead, it works by replacing a light bulb. Now, if that’s not impressive, then what is?

HauSafe Cam HD Features

According to the manufacturer, the HauSafe Cam HD has the following important features:


The alarm of the HauSafe Cam HD automatically activates each time the device detects there’s a stranger in the room or outside. As a result, homeowners can now sleep tightly and without a care because the HauSafe Cam HD will oversee security for them.


The HauSafe Cam HD also features a LED light that’s super bright for those nights in which people can’t see in front of them. The light turns on whenever someone passes the camera.

Night Vision

Further, the HauSafe Cam HD takes night videos because it features Night Vision technology. As a result, it records every move that might occur in the dark.


As mentioned, there’s no need to use wires or cables when installing the HauSafe Cam HD. This device is 100% wireless and works on the electrical power that comes through its light bulb socket.


People can take the HauSafe Cam HD with them wherever they need it the most. The device is all portable, so it easily fits in a bag or a backpack to install in hotel rooms or other rooms.

Friendly App

As mentioned, the HauSafe Cam HD works with a smartphone, so its users need to install an app that keeps track of the videos it records. However, the app is very easy to use and doesn’t require constant updates.


Are Customers Satisfied with the HauSafe Cam HD?

The HauSafe Cam HD official website features many positive reviews from real people on this product. These people have purchased the camera and use it to protect their homes from thieves. But let’s see what some of these reviews say.

For example, a customer named Jamie is delighted that HauSafe Cam HD’s motion detection sensor can detect any movement. He also jokes that the camera would be perfect for helping with police investigations.

On the other hand, Lisa uses the HauSafe Cam HD to ensure that her senior parents are safe at home and can talk to them whenever she feels through the camera.


How to Buy the HauSafe Cam HD?

The HauSafe Cam HD is not a product sold at retailers. People can get it only from its official website, where it currently comes at the following discounted prices:

  • 1 HauSafe Cam HD for $49.95
  • 2 HauSafe Cams HD for $49.5/camera
  • 3 HauSafe Cams HD for $43/camera
  • 5 HauSafe Cams HD for $39/camera
  • 10 HauSafe Cams HD for $33.9/camera

There’s FREE shipping with all orders. The money-back guarantee for the HauSafe Cam HD is for 30 days, so customers have a month to decide if they like how this product works. They can return it and get their money back if they don’t. HauSafe Cam HD customer service is available at:



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