Crush Bugs Anti-Bug Repellent Lamp Reviews (CrushBugs Scam or Legit?)

Crush Bugs is a solar-powered bug zapper; the device eliminates all flying pests (Mosquitoes, Fruit Flies, Moths, Gnats, Flying Beetles, and No-See-Ums). It is a rechargeable lamp that keeps the bugs and other uncomfortable insects at over 375 square feet. The product is an entirely safe and solar-powered insect repellent light that allows the client to enjoy the interiors and outdoor environments pest and mosquito free. Crush Bugs not only kills bugs and insects but also functions as a torch and camping light, keeping any area well-lit for up to a massive 20 hours.

How Crush Bugs Works

Crush Bugs is a simple-to-use product that falls in the category of a bug zapper (or, equivalently, an electrical insect killer). This device provides the warm, blue lights (365nm) required to attract mosquitos, flies, gnats, and other creatures. When these insects are enticed, there is no getting out. The implanted electrical field will confine them and eliminate them. Although most insect zappers utilize UV light to attract bugs, Crush Bugs looks to use sunlight, making it a more environmentally friendly and safe gadget.

Crush Bugs steps in keeping pests at bay:

  1. It attracts the annoying insects through the Blue Light Generation. Crush Bugs produces a harmless blue light with a wavelength of 365nm that draws mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other insects to its core.
  2. It zaps the insects through its high voltage core. When these bugs approach the Crush Bugs’ core, they are quickly zapped with the high voltage crush bugs gadget – without noise or scent.
  3. It collects the insects through its easy clean cage

Crush Bugs contains a convenient collection bin for electrocuted bugs that you can clear without messing.

Crush Bugs Specifications

Crush Bugs appears to be a worthy purchase due to its numerous features. Here’s a quick breakdown of their significance:

Voltage and Coverage

Crush Bugs provides a lot of coverage for such a compact gadget. It can specifically repel annoying critters throughout a maximum area of 375 square feet. Sure, it’s not much, but it’s more than plenty for personal usage. Voltage is a consideration in addition to coverage. According to the statements, Crush Bugs has a 1000V rechargeable coil. In general, the greater the voltage of the gadget, the more beneficial the gadget. In this situation, the voltage output indicates that the Crush Bug bug-zapping effects are immediate.

It Captures a Wide Range of Bugs

Crush Bugs is the best answer for individuals who are generally afraid of bugs, regardless of whether they fly, crawl, or are vast in size. It is efficient against mosquitos, moths, fruit flies, flying beetles, bugs, and gnats.

Three in One

Crush Bug, as mentioned previously in this article, serves many functions. In complement to its insect-killing qualities, its inbuilt lighting provides both walking and camping-level light. Furthermore, the device’s waterproof features allow users to utilize it in any weather situation.


Lastly, this gadget is free of chemicals and UV light. This increases safety as a factor, so children, adults, and even dogs can be around it without harm. Regarding user safety, the designers have included a cage-like enclosure that reduces the chance of being electrocuted or stung.

Other advantages to consider are:

  • Its rechargeable nature
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Sound and odor-free operating

Crush Bugs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Crush Bugs installation time-consuming?

A: No, it’s just a matter of charging the Crush Bug device and, after it’s switched on, emitting the blue light to entice insects until the bugs are tricked into making a home within it. It is considerably easier to disassemble the gadget if you believe the setup is simple. Individuals wishing to do routine maintenance remove the integrated tray, wipe it out and replace it.

Q: Is Crush Bugs safe to use?

A: Yes, Crush Bugs is marketed as a safe gadget on hand because it is chemical-free, provides powerful voltage, and includes a cage-like protective barrier.

Q: How long would it take for Crush Bugs to arrive?

A: After ordering, it will take between 3 and 7 business days. When orders are sent from the warehouse, an email with tracking information is sent out.

Q: Is there a refund policy for Crush Bugs?

A: Yes, the Crush Bugs product comes with a money-back guarantee. If this gadget does not meet expectations, contact customer care within 30 days of the purchase being recorded as delivered on the tracking link. Customer service can be reached via:

  • Phone: (855) 218-4914

Crush Bugs Conclusion

Crush Bugs is a solar-powered insect zapper that keeps customers safe from biting insects. To some extent, the strategy adopted here is traditional since most insect zappers lure bugs into the gadget and eliminate them. Crush Bugs works best as a personal zapper indoors and outdoors because of its lightweight, small, and portable design. The costs are reasonable for the number of functions included in this gadget.

Finally, it all simply refers to what customers anticipate. A preliminary study has shown that insect zappers are effective on all bugs except mosquitos. This is, of course, worrisome because mosquitos are the most common biting pests to avoid. The only way to overcome this minor problem is to implement extra safeguards. One idea would be to place food near Crush Bugs. The mosquitos should be thoroughly zapped so long as they are near enough.


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