Cool Pro Portable AC Reviews – Is CoolPro Air Cooler Scam or Legit?

Excessive heat can be very annoying as it causes discomfort, and you may even fail to undertake your daily activities successfully. The heat may also cause sunburn, exhaustion, or heat stroke, which, in turn, will cause weakness, dizziness, nausea, headache, and cramps.

It is advisable to take precautions to protect yourself from excessive heat, especially if you live in areas with severe heat waves. One way you can do this is to drink water frequently and wear light clothes. Cool Pro, a portable air conditioner, is also here to help you stay comfortable and cool when the atmosphere around you is scorching. Read on to discover how to use Cool Pro and if it will be a beneficial gadget for your home.

What is Cool Pro?

Cool Pro is a portable air conditioner that promises to cool you in 30 seconds. The AC has been manufactured with the latest technology to ensure that it works effectively in cooling your home. Since the AC is portable, it can be used in the office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and even outdoors when the temperature is hot. With this device, stay comfortable and cool throughout the day.

The good news is that Cool Pro is easy to use, and you can set it up yourself. It is also small, meaning you will not require extensive storage space. Cool Pro is affordable and can only be found on the official website.


Why Should I Get Cool Pro AC for My Home?

Cool Pro AC Is Portable and Can Act as a Regular Fan

One thing that makes Cool Pro stand out among other ACs is that it is portable and can be used anywhere. Additionally, Cool Pro can be used as a regular fan to keep the air around you fresh. The good thing about Cool Pro AC is that it has a long airflow. The strong motor embedded in the AC makes you feel cool and refreshed even when you are far away.

It Works as a Humidifier

Cool Pro also acts as a humidifier. The air around you is dry due to excessive heat that can cause skin problems, such as dryness and cracks. With the Cool Pro air conditioner, you can keep your skin healthy and enjoy a cool environment. When the AC releases cool air, it comes out with moisture, which helps keep the air humid.

Cool Pro Is an Easy-to-Use Device

You do not need professionals to help install the Cool Pro air conditioner. When you order the gadget, it will come with clear instructions for setting it up. Here they are;

  • Step 1: Once you receive your Cool Pro AC, place it on a flat surface and connect it to one end of the power adapter. The other end of the power adapter connects to a wall outlet.
  • Step 2: Step 2 removes the filter and soaks it in water before placing it back in its drawer. This allows the filter to work effectively.
  • Step 3: Lastly, fill in the Cool Pro tank and select your preferred setting to enjoy the cool and fresh air. You can also add fragrance to improve the quality of air.

What Are Customers Saying About Cool Pro?

Many people are already using Cool Pro air conditioners, and some have provided their opinions on how they feel about the product. Several users say Cool Pro is an incredible product that works in 30 seconds to cool your room. Here are a few testimonials posted on the official website:

  • Sandy M. says it is always hot in Nevada, and she has tried several personal coolers. Cool Pro is the best so far, as it cools her area in 30 seconds. She recommends it for those people living alone.
  • Joseph NL. Is another customer who says Cool Pro is good. He bought it for summer and enjoyed it as it does not produce any noise and is very convenient.

To see more testimonials, head to the official website.

Cool Pro Pricing

Getting Cool Pro is the best and the cheapest way to keep your home cool and comfortable. The device comes at a reasonable price and requires zero maintenance cost. Here is how prices break down for the Cool Pro AC:

  • Personal Cool Pack @ $89.99
  • Cool Duo Pack @ $149.99
  • Heat Killer Pack @ $169.99
  • Arctic Chill Pack @ $199.99