BlitzyBug Reviews: Legit Anti-Bug Lantern or Cheap Scam?

BlitzyBug claims to be the most revolutionary piece of technology that can protect people from getting attacked by mosquitos, insects, and bugs. This insect zapper has some of the most advanced and interesting tech features. This means it’s a unique device in its category. But more about it and its special features in the following sections of this presentation.

How Does BlitzyBug Work?

BlitzyBug is a technologically advanced gadget that has been specifically designed to keep insects at bay. It functions at increased electrical intensities and emits UV wavelengths to attract mosquitos or other types of insects that might be bothering you. When insects are flying close to its flytrap, BlitzyBug uses its zapper to kill them on the spot, by using an electrical zap.

The Best Features of BlitzyBug

To learn more about BlitzyBug, here are the device’s best features, as these are mentioned on the official website of the product:

100% Safe

BlitzyBug is made from fireproof materials and doesn’t use any insecticides or harmful chemicals to eliminate insects. Instead, it has an internal grid covered by plastic to prevent any accident in case children or the family’s pets is approaching it. The internal grid is the element that takes care of zapping the insects.

Outdoor and Indoor Use

BlitzyBug can be used both outdoors and indoors, as it has a waterproof design. This means people can take it with them when going fishing and the weather is rainy.

Reliable Power

Further, BlitzyBug covers a wide area when protecting against insects. It’s claimed to cover much more than other products in its category, promising to deliver reliable and powerful insect control.

Easy to Use

Any person, regardless of their age and experience with tech gadgets, can use BlitzyBug. The zapper must rest on flat surfaces and have the space around it cleared so that it can attract and zap the insects it catches. After being in use for some time, BlitzyBug can be cleaned with any brush the user might have around the household. On the other hand, users can also hang BlitzyBug on the porch or wherever they might want to use it. The device charges via USB and only needs to have a button pressed to turn it on. It’s important to leave it working for 2 hours if it’s all for all the insects in the area to be eliminated.

What Are People Saying about BlitzyBug?

There are many positive reviews on BlitzyBug featured on the product’s official website. For example, Kaitlin from Mobile, AL, says that she had always been complaining about the humid and hot weather in her area because the conditions where she resides are preferred by mosquitos. However, BlitzyBug has helped her no longer get bitten by these insects, so now her skin is protected.

According to Tammy from Jacksonville, FL, who has had her kitchen invaded by ants and flies, BlitzyBug is a device that now allows her to keep drinks and foods on the kitchen table. She also says that this insect zapper helped her once again enjoy the outdoors because she is no longer bothered by mosquitoes and bugs when having a drink or dining on the porch of her home.

Richard from Seattle, WA, enjoys spending his free time fishing with his dad. However, ever since the bugs started to populate the areas where he was fishing more, he was no longer to spend his time the way he liked it. Luckily for him, BlitzyBug came to change the game, and Richard no longer worries about being infected by any diseased mosquito when going out to fish.

Is BlitzyBug Expensive?

Anyone can get the BlitzyBug insect zapper from the product’s official website. This device can’t be bought from someplace else. At the moment, it’s available for the following prices:

  • 1 BlitzyBug for $44.97
  • 3 BlitzyBugs for $33.97 per device
  • 5 BlitzyBugs for $24.97 per device

Customers only have to put in their delivery address and card, or Google pay info. All orders come with a 30-day money-back guarantee that can be claimed from the product’s customer service at:

5/7 days, starting with 9:00 and until 17:00 (CET), by calling:

  • +1 (855) 476-8060 in the US

Returns Address:

  • Returns Dept
  • 11551 E 45th Ave
  • Unit C
  • Denver, CO 80239

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