Which path forward? Intuitive insights can point out new directions

Snoqualmie psychic provides unique insights into finding the right life path

The pandemic has prompted many of us to rethink our lives — what we do for a living, how our relationships are working, whether we’re on the right path. With that has come the opportunity to think more about what really matters to us.

Figuring out the right path is a challenge we all face at some point in our lives. For Snoqualmie’s Monique Adams, her path found her. Monique always felt a little different growing up. She found she preferred to spend time on her own and had a deep connection to the natural world — even back then, she could feel the earth’s energy. “I’ve always felt a connection to nature, especially through crystals,” notes the practitioner from Snoqualmie Psychic Readings by Monique.

A gift to share

Monique gave her first reading at age five, although she wasn’t aware that’s what she was doing. She had an overwhelming urge to warn a lady about something that might become a struggle for her. The lady listened to the message from the earnest five-year-old and followed it. It was the right advice.

Hailing from a family whose psychic gifts reach back at least five generations, as a teen, Monique knew she had a gift she couldn’t ignore, and that she wanted to put it to good use.

By the time she was an adult, “I knew my gift needed to be focussed on connecting with people and helping them,” she says.

For the last decade, Monique has operated a steady, online, psychic-reading business, and last year, the time was right to move to a bricks-and-mortar location to give more people the benefit of her gift.

“I think people are looking for calm and direction in their lives — they don’t know where to look — and you can’t find that peace without positive energy,” Monique notes. “I can help you find your center, get rid of negative energy, and find the right path in life.”

Heart and soul

Pouring her heart and soul into this new enterprise, “I’m looking forward to meeting so many new and beautiful souls,” she says.

Monique offers different readings to find your correct path, depending on what you’re seeking to have answered. For some, Tarot cards offer insight into your love life or more, while others may benefit from a reading through her crystal ball. For others, a palm reading may show if you’re on the correct path.

Find your inner peace and get your feet on the right path for you. Give Monique a call to set up a reading at 425-528-4083 or book your reading here. Find her on Instagram here.

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