Valley’s food and wine scene pairs great with date night | Wine Boss

By Kimberlea Miller

Hello, I am Kimberlea Miller, my husband and I own Wildflower Bistro in North Bend. I was approached to re-invent the wine column I previously wrote for the Valley Record and showcase Snoqualmie Valley wines.

I am excited to be a part of the Valley wine experience, or anything that showcases Washington food and wine for that matter. I am looking forward to talking about pairings, tastings, Valley vineyards, wine tours, and restaurants bringing focus to our Valley wine, wine clubs, winemakers and a whole lot of fun.

With the change in seasons and people starting to venture out more, I would like to start with a simple date night tour of our beautiful Valley. It doesn’t have to be limited to just an evening meal. One can start in the afternoon at any of our lovely Valley wineries.

North Bend has Pearl & Stone and Convergence Zone (oh yes, and Volition Brewing) to choose from, but why not take a sip from each of them. What a great way to sit back, relax, enjoy each other and catch up. Make a reservation at your favorite local restaurant based on whatever is catching your fancy that night. Wildflower Bistro is a great intimate place for steak and seafood, Il Paesano has good pasta, and North Bend Bar and Grill has a wonderful American style menu.

Snoqualmie is blessed with William Grassie, Chateau NoElle, Mt Si, and Sigillo’s (and don’t forget No Boat brewery for the guys!). Make a reservation at Francesco’s for a lovely finish with beautifully made Italian cuisine. Definitely make a reservation at Gianfranco’s, located in historical Snoqualmie, for some delightful variations of Italian and American dishes. Both places have wonderful owners and are very warm and inviting.

Heading out to the lower Valley, be sure to stop at Orenda Winery just outside of Carnation. Samantha and Xander Kent are very accommodating, and their little baby Avalon is just gorgeous. Their wine and venue are delightful and relaxing. For a very pleasant dining experience, be sure to make reservations at Flavour Bistro in Duvall where Chef Sean Langan is considered one of the best. But before meeting that reservation time, be sure to stop off at Misty Valley Farms to check out the gift store and featured wine tastings. Also, stop by Duvall Distillery to taste an amazing variety of vodka creations and cocktails.

Our Valley offers an amazing assortment of intimate and enjoyable experiences provided by some incredibly talented and creative people. I look forward to sharing more about them in this space and encourage you to check them out.


Kimberlea Miller co-owns Wildflower Bistro in North Bend. Send comments to