Out of the Past: Tempers flare with announced closing of Snoqualmie Valley Hospital; Fire Marshal declares Fall City Elementary School unsafe

The following stories happened this week, 25 and 50 years ago, as reported in the Snoqualmie Valley Record. From the Record’s archives:

Thursday, April 30, 1992

• Vicki Curnutt and Cherie Leiker are spearheading efforts to organize what is loosely being called a Twin Peaks fest and they’ve already locked up commitments from David Lynch, the show’s creator, and New Line Cinema, which is distributing the yet-to-be-released movie. The festival is scheduled for North Bend and Snoqualmie on Aug. 15-16.

• The Snoqualmie Falls Chamber of Commerce announced April 21 that the Coast to Coast Store in historic downtown Snoqualmie has been selected as this year’s outstanding small business in the community.

• Tempers flared Monday when about 20 Snoqualmie Valley Hospital union members picketed the hospital’s corporate headquarters in Bellevue over severance pay issues. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace Health and Hospital Services (HHS) Corporation announced April 14 that it would close the hospital. Members of District 1199 NW, Service Employees International Union, however, say several employees have been laid off early in an effort to avoid paying them.

• More than 140 people showed up at Hospital District 4’s meeting April 21 to express their dissatisfaction with the closure of Snoqualmie Valley Hospital and their concern about the future of health care in the Valley. The most common question asked was why the community wasn’t told about the accrued debt of $8.6 million by HHS before it was too late.

Thursday, April 27, 1967

• The State Fire Marshal has warned District 410 that the Fall City Elementary School cannot be feasibly remodeled to meet modern safety requirements and that after the end of the present term, “students may use the first floor only. It is further recommended that in the interest of fire and life safety, the use of the entire building be discontinued at the earliest possible time,” Ted M. Curcio, Deputy State Fire Marshal said in a letter to District 410 Superintendent Gordon McIntire.

•Lyle and Frances Green of Snoqualmie, co-publishers of the Record for the past six years, have sold their interest in the company to partners Ken and Kay Turay, it was announced this week. “We loved the newspaper and have immensely enjoyed being part of the Valley community,” Green said, “but we haven’t had a vacation for nearly six years, and we think it’s time for one.”

•Four young men from the Upper Valley were arrested by North Bend police last week and charged with illegal possession of drugs after a sale staged at a North Bend parking lot by Chief Mel Reid. The four were in possession of two marijuana cigarettes and some 70 pills and six capsules that were still undergoing laboratory analysis, Reid said.