Out of the Past: New ‘Falls Crossing’ development proposed; North Bend grows by 56 people

The following stories happened this week, 25 and 50 years ago, as reported in the Snoqualmie Valley Record. From the Record’s archives:

Thursday, April 9, 1992

• On March 30, members of the Riverview School Board and administration met with two dozen community members to open dialogue on local education restructuring. Superintendent Jack Ernst unveiled a possible theme, “Rivervision 2000: Building Bridges to the Future.” The process takes its name and impetus in part from the “America 2000” strategy announced by President Bush a year ago.

• On Monday night, a new development proposal was presented to Snoqualmie’s city council and planning commission. “Falls Crossing at Snoqualmie” would contain just short of 1,000 houses and apartments on 235 acres owned by Puget Western Inc. Also included would be 225,000 square feet of retail development and 175,000 sq. ft. in professional offices.

•A 33-year-old Duvall man has been booked by King County Police for investigation into a homicide following the shooting death of Michael R. Gallagher, 30, of Duvall late Sunday night.

Thursday, April 13, 1967

• North Bend’s population grew by 56 over the past year, and when it comes to tax dollars, friends, that’s not hay. The annual informal census conducted by women of the Jane Tennant Orthopedic Auxiliary showed a total of 1,206 residents. The last official census, in 1960, gave the town 950 residents. Mrs. Ruth Semro, Town Clerk, said the added 56 persons would result in increases to the town of $259 in liquor and motor vehicle excise taxes, $562 in other gas and liquor taxes, and $180 from extra gas tax.

•A new and sparkling Fall City Library will soon be opening, thanks to an exceptional community effort that has involved almost every individual, organization and firm. The new facility will have cost about $34,000; of that, some $9,267.09 came from the pockets of a town that has no great wealth, but does have great spirit.