New mural brings splash of color to Fall City

Artists’ hope new design continues to build community of artists

There’s a fresh pop of color in downtown Fall City.

A new brightly colored mural now decorates the side of the Fall City Firearms building featuring iconic images of town — such as tulips, cherry blossoms and salmon — all situated next to a spiraling river.

Fall City artist Krimsey Lilleth teamed up with friend Jess Joy, of New Orleans, to paint the new artwork after being selected by the Fall City Community Association.

Lilleth, who recently took over as president of Fall City Arts, said she smiles every time she passes the wall and is proud to have a piece of her work in town. She hopes the mural will not only make residents feel cheerful and uplifted, but reinforce the idea that Fall City is an arts community.

“I feel like this is a way to get more artists to notice Fall City as an arts community,” she said. “There are tons of artists who live here, not just visual artists and painters, but stone workers, bronze workers, glass blowers and musicians. It’s really an art hub — the whole Valley is — but it makes you notice when you drive through.”

“Hopefully this is a beacon to remind people there’s lots of stuff happening and lots of ways to get involved,” she said.

Photo courtesy of Krimsey Lilleth.
A newly painted mural on the Fall City Firearms building at sunset.

Photo courtesy of Krimsey Lilleth. A newly painted mural on the Fall City Firearms building at sunset.

With that ideal in mind, Joy and Lilleth, working alongside building owners Laurie and Kevin Hauglie, set out to design something that differed from everything else in town. While the city has artwork, they said, most of it has neutral colors and is not abstract.

“We wanted something more modern, minimalist and bright,” Joy said. “We wanted to make something people could interact with and take a photo with. We made the dandelions so anyone could blow the petals away and make a wish.”

Joy and Lilleth’s favorite part of the mural is the two salmon sitting at the center, which is a small last second change.

“When we were all done, we were like, ‘I think they should have smiles,’” Lilleth said. “So we drew silly little smiles up there and we’re like, ‘that’s perfect.’ It was one of the final touches.”

Another mural, on the Fall City Market and Deli building, being drawn by local artist Lydia Vanhyning, is also under development, said Angela Donaldson, president of the Fall City Community Association.

Both murals were funded by Taylor Development, which is building a housing development just outside of downtown. They are also funding improvements on the West Side Trail.

“We want to be able to support the community for the better,” said Taylor CFO Jay Hartman. “We’re not just developers who come in and do our business and leave. We pay attention and do our best to give back.”