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Middle school gets recognition

Middle school gets recognition

Chief Kanim Middle School continues to win attention for its physical education program.

The school received recognition for its status as a a STARS Program school, a national achievement program established by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, from FlagHouse, the program’s official equipment sponsor.

The school’s physical education program includes team, dual and individual sports, as well as adventure education opportunities, such as orienteering. Competitive and lifetime activities are balanced with a strong health-related fitness program.

Students are expected to participate in daily physical education two out of three trimesters per year.

New facilities including the addition of a second gym and fitness center, also available for community use, and a fitness course, provide opportunities for student participation in a wide variety of activities.

Curriculum also focuses on character traits including teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, integrity, honesty, pride and tolerance. The staff spends several days discussing each trait with students and incorporates these themes into sport related activities and scenarios.

“We have banners in our gym with all of these words to emphasize how important it is to have these traits as a student at our school,” said Chief Kanim physical education teacher Joyce Kjorsvik.