Wondering about councilwoman’s opposing vote | Letter

Several years ago I made a New Year’s resolution to read the local paper to know more what goes on in this Valley.

(Last) week’s front page story, “Landslide threatened city water source,” finished with the resolution passing in a 6-1 vote with Councilmember Peggy Shepard voting against.

I wonder how many people are like me? When I read one or two council people vote against the majority, I wonder what is their reasoning? In this case I can’t imagine voting against the study to determine what needs to be done.

Evidently, Ms. Shepard has an opinion I haven’t considered. I wonder what her thinking was? I would like to see it in the article and future votes with a dissension or two. I would be getting a more complete understanding even if I didn’t necessarily agree.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Colleen DeVine


Editor’s Note: We have followed up with Peggy Shepard to ask her reasons for opposing the council action, and have included her comments in an updated version of the story on our website.