Trump critics are missing part of the picture | Letter

It is hard for me to understand how people can be so one-sided about any subject, especially politics. Everything that Trump does is criticized to the fullest.

Where was all the criticism when Hillary* sold Russian investors in three separate transactions, the 20 percent of our country’s uranium? Then those Russian investors donated around $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation in the same time frame.

Bill Clinton receiving $500,000 for a speech to a Russian bank with ties to the Russian government. He might be good but not that good.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. What about Obama’s unknown open mike fiasco, where he is tells Medvedev “after my election, I have more flexibility.” Medvedov responded that he would dutifully report that tidbit to Putin back in the Kremlin.

Which party is working with the Russians? Where are the common sense values?

Charles Parkins

Fall City

* Author Peter Schweizer accused Hillary Clinton in his 2015 book, of giving the Russian nuclear agency control of 20 percent of the U.S.’s uranium reserve, in exchange for a $145 million donation to her foundation. This claim was found to be unsubstantiated on several points including that Clinton, as Secretary of State, did not have the sole authority to sell uranium, and the bulk of the $145 million donation came from a man who divested himself from the nuclear agency in 2007, well before she became Secretary of State and years before the reputed uranium deal.