Talk to legislators about importance of gun violence prevention bills now | Letter

Like many, I am devastated by the news of yet another gun violence tragedy in our country. I hope to never experience the pain and grief that the parents who lost their children in the Parkland massacre must feel.

This letter is to express my deep concern to the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Superintendent, school administrators, and members of the school board. As a parent in the Snoqualmie Valley School District, I’m afraid that my kids aren’t safe at school. I want to know what you are doing on a tactical, day-to-day level to protect them.

As a citizen, voter, and taxpayer, I also want to know what you are doing to influence our state legislators. There are two gun violence prevention bills moving through the legislature. One, SB 5992, bans ban bump stocks. The other permits voluntary waivers of gun rights (SB 5553). Are you lobbying our lawmakers to pass these bills? (Unfortunately, it’s too late for the bill to ban firearms in childcare centers. It died in committee earlier this session.)

As a community member, I ask parents, grandparents and anyone who cares about our Valley’s youth to voice your concerns about gun violence. I ask that you reach out to our State House Representatives – Paul Graves and Jay Rodne – for their support of SBs 5992 and 5553 (both of these important bills have already passed in the Senate).

Enough is enough. It’s time for parents, educators and legislators to get to work to keep our kids safe.

Gretchen Richter

Fall City