Talent, qualifications, make Murphy good choice for King County Council, District 3 | Letter

Elect John Murphy.

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to speak with John Murphy and his wife. John is running for Position 3 on the King County Council. What an incredibly talented and qualified man.

After returning from serving in Vietnam, Murphy went to work as a firefighter and physician’s assistant. He earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Central Washington University, and went on to become an attorney. He has experience in both the private sector as CEO of National Traffic Safety Institute, and in the public service as a leader in Eastside Fire and Rescue.

Currently he and his wife work supporting emergency personnel who suffer from PTSD and other stress disorders.

John is an approachable, humble person in spite of his rather lengthy list of accomplishments. The day we spoke I’m afraid I unloaded on him about my frustrating experience with the King County Building Department. In February 2016, I applied for a building permit for new home on a property which had an existing permitted foundation. I complained that 21 months to get a permit was just not right. I felt that John really listened to me.

John’s wife, Beth, is also an asset. After an injury as a firefighter, she went back to school to earn her Phd. in Psychology.

After Trump was elected, John decided to again serve the country he loves. I would be proud to be represented by John Murphy.

Roger Ledbetter