Snoqualmie Valley Record Letters to the Editor | Oct. 1

I saw the article about battling bikes in natural [areas] and I was a little upset, because it is always about motorbikes or ATVs. We are not bad people. All we want is a place to go riding that is less than a 120-mile round-trip.

What about mountain bikes?

I saw the article about battling bikes in natural [areas] and I was a little upset, because it is always about motorbikes or ATVs. We are not bad people. All we want is a place to go riding that is less than a 120-mile round-trip.

I have two young boys with quads and have many friends with kids with quads. We all pay for tabs so we can ride in designated areas 70 or 80 miles away. It sure would be nice, with all the land from Highway 18 to Snoqualmie Pass, if the state could designate some land for kids and adults to ride that is close by. After all, we do pay for tabs. Also, what stood out in the paper was motor bikes disturbing vegetation, hacked roots and torn up earth. Well, is everybody blind to all the mountain bike trails that are cut from the same earth and do just as much damage to weeds, trees and animal life? This is also done without permission. Exit 38 is full of these unapproved trails! Same with Camp Woskowitz and Middle Fork Road. All I want to know is why is it OK for them and not ATVs? We pay for tabs and get tickets. They don’t buy tabs, get tickets or get negative press.

Mike Boonstra

North Bend

More places to ride

I read the article in the Valley Record today regarding rude motorcycle riders on Mount Si. A few riders are rude, I’m sure, and ride where they shouldn’t. A vast majority are not. Where in all of King County can motorcycle riders go to ride? There is nowhere.

Up near Sultan there is an area, Walker Valley, that has been set aside for motorcycle riders and is maintained by motorcycle groups. It’s worked well for over 20 years.

There are massive tree farm forests in King County that may be ideal riding areas. What about opening them up for motorcycle riders? They are not pristine forests — they will be subjected to logging equipment, much more invasive than motorcycles. Hikers, bicyclists, horses all have miles of trails to take advantage of.

Why not see if motorcycle groups would be willing to maintain an area for motorcycle riding in King County? What is the DNR spending to put up barriers on trails? Can’t that be put toward opening up an area for motorcycle riders?

Cindy Parks

Fall City

Whole new county

How disgusting, the news that our illustrious leadership in King County has raised over $1 million, selling brains harvested from organ donors, generally without even notifying next of kin of the sale. Do acts like this accurately represent your beliefs? We are King County. Still proud of it?

Sometimes I wonder what it will take for the people of this Valley to unite and insist that the state allow us to form a separate county. In just the last five years, King County has tried to put a sex offender halfway house out here because of our low population. They have bought open space here for scenery, but closed it to conservation. They have tried to encroach on our property rights. They’ve approved new homes, though we have no room for new students and cannot afford to build new schools that fast. They blow a half million dollars on a frivolous logo, then soon cut the sheriff’s department and polling access in our area because of budget shortfalls. Now there is this new embarrassing low, selling organs for profit. As a separate county, we would stand a decent chance to elect a representative government that does not suffer this chronic neglect and moral bankruptcy.

David Willson

North Bend

Candidates for office

Here in the 5th Legislative District, we have lucked out with great Democratic candidates. I encourage everyone to vote for Phyllis Huster for Senate and for the House, Jon Viebrock and David Spring.

These hardworking candidates are all honest, intelligent, and not in the pockets of large corporations and lobbyists. They care about us and our issues out here in the Fifth District.

Phyllis has an outstanding background, helping to manage huge budgets. We sure need her skills now, for this session faces all the problems in the country, as well as in Washington. Jon is a working man, working as he campaigns. He is a construction drywall foreman so he fully understands what working men and women are facing. As an honorably discharged Marine, he also supports all of our military and their families. David’s background is extensive in education. He has a passion for helping our students achieve their best, and, doing so in new schools where they are needed (North Bend?).

Nancy San Carlos