Snoqualmie Fire Association brings Santa to local families

Snoqualmie Fire Association and Santa deliver holiday magic

This past weekend, the Snoqualmie Firefighters Association and Santa Claus brought some early Christmas joy to several Snoqualmie families. Santa made a welcome appearance to these homes without his usual reindeer and sleigh, but instead with the assistance of the Snoqualmie Fire Department’s EMT/Firefighters and a fire engine. Santa and his elves helped spread Christmas cheer by delivering some presents and magic to these local families.

A heart-warming Christmas story unfolded over the summer as an anonymous donor purchased a Santa delivery from the Snoqualmie Firefighters Association’s Silent Auction to be given to a family in need. This generous donation then snowballed into a community effort as SFFA worked with local elementary school counselors to locate a family in the Valley. The Snoqualmie Valley Kiwanis readily donated numerous toys for the younger children and SFFA donated multiple gift cards to help with holiday meal supplies, clothing and other family needs.

Santa arrived with 2 engines and an aid car amidst flashing lights and a short siren burst (so as not to alarm the neighbors). There was some wide-eyed wonder amongst the littlest ones … and maybe more than a few of the adults as Santa alighted from the officer’s seat on the engine with a red velvet bag of presents slung over his shoulder. The elves were quick to assist with the distribution of candy canes and holiday cheer to all. Santa was so interested in how all the children were doing in school, their future goals, dreams and of course, their Christmas wishes. They all wanted to share with Santa! Fortunately no one was on the Naughty List this year, so no coal was handed out. Santa promised to be looking for any Christmas letters that hadn’t arrived yet as well.

The families were then given tours of the fire engine — who doesn’t want to see the Big Red Truck? More than a few of the adults were just as enthralled with the engine as the children! Many photos were taken before it was time for Santa to climb into his seat and amidst a flurry of lights and sirens he was off to his next stop. It was a wonderful day of giving and sharing – and hopefully a start to a joyous Holiday Season for all. We were all sincerely touched by the giving spirit of our community…and hope to “pay it forward” for future years!

Let’s all try to share this kindness and holiday spirit all year round. Wishing you all the warmest and most joyous Christmas and New Year!

Catherine Cotton

Snoqualmie Fire Department

Snoqualmie Fire Association and Santa Claus visit Snoqualmie families. Photo courtesy of Snoqualmie Firefighters Association.

Snoqualmie Fire Association and Santa Claus visit Snoqualmie families. Photo courtesy of Snoqualmie Firefighters Association.