Replace Nunes as House Intelligence Committee chairperson | Letter

The actions of House Intelligence Committee chair, Devin Nunes, undoubtedly makes Vladimir Putin happy. Nunes was recently shown classified FBI documents under the condition that he not reveal them. His failure to keep his promise to the Department of Justice and FBI to protect these documents from disclosure is not only shocking but disgraceful.

As the FBI has made clear, Nunes “cherry picked” the information to produce a false and misleading memo that unjustly slanders the FBI. By wantonly damaging the agency’s credibility, Nunes has harmed the ability of hard-working agents to get the kind of cooperation from the public and courts they need to do their jobs.

Nunes was supposed to recuse himself from the Russian probe last April when it was discovered that he revealed classified information in an attempt to obstruct his own committee’s probe. The House Ethics Committee opened an investigation into his behavior.

Nunes claims he’s been completely cleared by the Ethics Committee, but (anonymous sources) reported that the panel examining his conduct never gained access to the intelligence he was accused of divulging. Now, Nunes has revealed classified intelligence again, despite being asked not to by the DOJ and FBI.

The House Intelligence Committee is supposed to be investigating Russia’s attack on our presidential election, and whether any Trump campaign members were involved. Nunes’ actions show he has a different agenda – attacking the DOJ and the FBI.

Nunes needs to be immediately replaced as the House Intelligence Committee chair.

Peter D. Bullard