Reichert has done his best to limit government controls | Letter

It seems to me that some people want the government to do everything for them. They seem to think that there is no end to the money the government can spend. When you reach the end of your income, life mandates that you stop spending or go bankrupt.

With their type of thinking, our government is going trillions of dollars in debt. Where do they think this money is going to come from? The rich? By taxing them broke? The way they act, we should tax every cent we can from the rich, thus making them as poor as those who don’t work. I, for one, am not rich and have worked all my life for what I have.

We need people with money to invest, in order to create business and thus make money for themselves and their share-holders. This in turn creates jobs, that keep our nation growing. Without incentive, there would be no reason to invest. Without those investments, we face what is happening now. Business closing and moving out of the country, high unemployment, people unable to buy homes, cars, necessities. We can’t expect government to take care of us; we need to get out and take care of ourselves.

It seems to me, looking at Reichert’s voting record, that he is doing his best to stop government from running our lives and causing us to become a derelict socialist government. Most of the things I see in his voting records are trying to limit government controls and improve life for working men and women.

Joan Parkins

Fall City