Public safety is Gothelf’s priority; re-elect him to North Bend City Council | Letter

Today I am writing you to express my support of Alan Gothelf for North Bend City Council.

Alan and I served for two years together on the council and he is a well-prepared and a thoughtful council member. His work on the Public Safety Committee, which has been his passion, has brought us to what I consider all-time-high levels of support from Eastside Fire and Rescue and the Snoqualmie Police Department.

After all, the safety of our citizens in my opinion is of the utmost importance when it comes to being on the council.

Alan has always been a steady hand in attendance and is always prepared when he shows up to the meetings. One of the things that I admire most about Alan has been his ability to work with the other council members, staff and citizens. This is evident in the fact that all of the current council members have endorsed him, something I have never seen in North Bend before.

Please support Alan Gothelf on your ballot, let’s keep North Bend a safe place to live.

Chris Garcia

North Bend