Presidential attacks threaten our rule of law | Letter

Our rule of law is in jeopardy with the attacks on the Department of Justice, FBI, judges, and Special Counsel (Robert) Mueller.Trump complains that the US President cannot dictate DOJ and FBI actions and then whines, “I can’t do the things I would love to do.”

Is this the complaining of a would-be-tyrant about our rule of law?

“Criminal Minds” author, Stanton Salmonow, said when a psychopath asks for “loyalty,” he seeks accomplices. Trump stands for Trump. He fired Republican FBI Director (James) Comey, for being loyal to the Constitution rather than to Trump.

All our intelligence agencies agree: Russia attacked our democracy to help Trump. Isn’t it odd Trump hasn’t criticized Putin or acted? Odd, Trump believes Putin more than U.S. intelligence? Odd there were so many Russian contacts? Odd, so many lies to cover them up? Not investigating encourages further attacks on the U.S.A.

Do GOP politicians really think Mueller, a Republican, nominated by President Bush, and serving him as FBI Director, would falsely accuse a Republican President? Mueller’s record indicates a thoughtful investigator, with great integrity, and impartiality. That’s what the rule of law requires for a fair investigation.

Are GOP politicians calling for Mueller’s firing because they fear the outcome of a fair investigation by a Republican with integrity? If so, isn’t that obstruction of justice?

Americans who love our county and freedom, should want a fair and non-partisan investigation that follows the evidence.

Roger Ledbetter