Petzold is partisan and wrong; more liberal Democrats are not the solution to gun violence | Letter

I read with interest any ideas that are offered about solving violence in our schools. It is incumbent on us all, as parents, to offer solutions; however, the one offered by Chris Petzold is partisan, wrong and the usual liberal Democrats’ diatribe.

We have reached this point through a generation of misplaced liberalism. There are too many violent video games and movies reducing killing to a button push without remorse. We have had the family unit under continual attack by liberals. Liberals and atheists have removed God from our schools. Liberals have argued against standing at attention for our flag and country. The liberals I know do not teach respect. In fact, they are proud to teach their children to challenge authority at all levels.

Until we work together to solve the destruction of the family unit, invite God back into schools, have strong parental involvement in kids’ lives and allow punishment for improper activities both at home and in schools, we will continue to struggle. This is not to say there aren’t kids with significant mental and emotional problems that need to be addressed. We need to spend more on mental health related issues when properly diagnosed.

Finally, we should address who can have guns and when, within reasonable limits. However, to say electing more Democrats is a solution is like pouring gasoline onto a fire. What we need to do is elect moderates who are willing to stand up to both parties and compromise on reasonable solutions as our founding fathers would have suggested.

David Stevens

North Bend