Open letter to Rodne: Correct your voting mistake on public records act | Letter

To Rep. Jay Rodne:

I am thoroughly disgusted by your actions on Feb. 23. It sickens me that you are “voted by the people and for the people” and feel the need to keep your work for us/the public secret.

As I read in the Seattle Times today, you and many others have “removed themselves from the state’s voter-approved Public Records Act — keeping years of emails and other documents off-limits and making the Legislature its own gatekeeper when it comes to secrecy.”

This simply puts even more distrust in the government. Even your own website states your commitment to restoring fiscal responsibility and accountability. I see this as overall accountability for all activities and actions. You state it is your job to be (my) advocate. This is appreciated but without transparency, I see no way to continue to believe this would be the case in the future.

I encourage you to contact Gov. Inslee immediately and ask him to not sign this measure. It is imperative that you indicate you have made a horrible voting mistake and this would only create more mistrust in our state and local governments.

Piper Muoio

North Bend