One Snoqualmie employee doesn’t deserve honors | Letter

In reference to the 2017 city of Snoqualmie outstanding employees awards, I’m sure most all of the recipients of this award were well deserving.

However, I would like to identify one undeserving recipient, specifically Officer Stonebraker. My son was falsely accused of a despicable crime which was a felony. The investigating officer was Stonebraker. Within weeks Officer Stonebraker discovered that my son was innocent* but rather than closing the case and and lessening the impact to my son, my family and myself, (police) chose to drag out closing of this case for nine months.

Furthermore, since these accusations were false, his accusers had in turn committed [a crime]. Yet no charges were filed against my son’s accusers.

After emailing Mayor Larson, Chief McCulley, Officer Stonebraker and requesting a meeting to discuss this issue, to this day I have received no reply. So it is my belief that Officer Stonebraker is not deserving of this award.

Donald R. Buzzell

North Bend

Editor’s note: We spoke with the Snoqualmie Police Department about this issue and learned that this 2013 case was closed, for lack of probable cause, just seven days after the report was filed. Filing a false criminal report in Washington is not a felony, but a gross misdemeanor.