Mayor, council’s absence from Snoqualmie candidate forum was an insult to citizens | Letter

About 200 Snoqualmie citizens, in addition to the Snoqualmie Tribe, were rudely insulted Oct. 17 by Mayor Larson and the Snoqualmie City Council, minus one member.

While a crowd of citizens gathered to hear the positions of the candidates at the candidate forum hosted by the Snoqualmie Tribe at the Snoqualmie Casino, Mayor Larson and most members of the city council (except for Bob Jeans) failed to show up. Their shamefully empty seats remaining on the stage.

By their collective absence they continued their tradition of falling into “lock step,” irrespective of the expectations, needs and desires of their constituency.

Several people, on stage and off, said this insensitivity is emblematic of the current governance: not responding to petitions of hundreds, promoting growth and development beyond our capacity, not adequately planning for preserving our precious water, not properly notifying the citizens of sales of city land, not listening to citizen input.

Poor Bob Jeans was left to defend his compatriots and although he gave his all for the gang, he was woefully unmatched. His defense was a demonstration of passing the buck to the citizens for the flaws in council decisions.

What stood out most were the passionate voices of the new candidates who did show up. Quite impressive was the insight and integrity of Cristie Coffing, Lesley Sheppard, Tom Wood, Monica Lowney, Peggy Shepard, and Matt Laase.

Former Mayor, Fuzzy Fletcher summed it up with his expression of responsible growth. Regarding a question about stewarding our environment, he stated, “walk through the forest and leave no footprint.”

Randall Preiser