Letters to the Editor, Oct. 18, 2019


Support for Hollis

As a long-time resident I have high respect for all the firefighters and their important work. They were on-site to help my family when I most needed it. So I was concerned when we were asked to vote on merging our 70-year-old fire department with Issaquah Fire District 10 which is part of Eastside Fire and Rescue (EF&R). If approved, the merger would have been irreversible — our fire station, beautiful equipment, money and personnel would have been handed over to EF&R. The most vocal merger “Yes” folks were associated with our fire department and apparently saw greener grass in Issaquah.

I’ve regularly attended our commissioner meetings and saw that Eric Hollis was the only commissioner opposed to the merger proposal. Since the merger failed, he’s supported all fire department improvements that have been proposed.

Eric Hollis is running for re-election. His only opponent is a medic in the Bellevue Fire Department and fully supported the merger proposal. He’s also a member of the firefighter’s union. If he were elected as a commissioner with a duty to manage our fire department budget and employee salaries, how could he accomplish that task in good faith when he’s a member of the same union?

We need to keep our fire department here in Fall City under local control. Please join me and re-elect Eric Hollis as our Fall City Fire District 27 commissioner. Eric Hollis is well-qualified for the job and has served our community well. He’s working for the people of our community and will do the best job to keep the words “Fall City fire department” painted on our fire equipment. He will make the best decisions for Fall City and our Fire Department.

George Robertson

Fall City

Another Hollis endorsement

Eric Hollis is the Fall City fire commissioner we want to keep. After attending almost all fire department meetings over the past year, I found Commissioner Hollis to be the commissioner that listened to citizen concerns and the desires of our community.

I see great things for our fire department as a stand-alone district. In favor of local control, Commissioner Hollis has a vision of what a financially viable fire department is and how we can sustain ourselves for years to come. He makes decisions based on accurate and complete information and is not influenced by special interest groups.

As the senior seated commissioner, Commissioner Hollis has the most experience needed to continue leading us forward as a strong and independent fire department. In support of our firefighters, Commissioner Hollis has pushed for hiring an 11th and 12th career firefighter, better training and buying needed equipment.

He has my support, and I will be voting to re-elect Eric Hollis as Fall City fire commissioner.

Terri Divers

Fall City Resident