Letters to the Editor, Aug. 9, 2019

Purple Heart; thank you; gun control

Purple Heart plates info

The Aug. 2, 2019, edition of the Snoqualmie Valley Record newspaper had a front page article indicating Purple Heart License Plates will be permanent and free of charge for Purple Heart veterans residing in Washington State (the article, “Purple Heart license plates are now permanent and free for veterans”).

However, Purple Heart Veterans who already have these plates on their vehicle like I do may still receive a letter from the Department of Licensing indicating they still need to pay for their annual registration. If this occurs all you need to do is take the letter into your local licensing office along with your driver’s license and they will issue you a new vehicle registration along with the permanent yellow tabs to place on your license plate.

Jim Curtis

North Bend

Card of thanks

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all the many friends and family that attended Dad’s “celebration of life.”

Mom, and all of us Martys were overwhelmed by all of the love and support shown by all of you. Also, thank you for all the cards, flowers, donations, words of condolences, and to all who helped and contributed in any way. Thank you so much. We love you all.

The Marty family

Nazis and gun control

In October 2015, history professor Alan E. Steinweis wrote in a New York Times piece: “The Jews of Germany constituted less than 1 percent of the country’s population.

“It is preposterous to argue that the possession of firearms would have enabled them to mount resistance against a systematic program of persecution implemented by a modern bureaucracy, enforced by a well-armed police state, and either supported or tolerated by the majority of the German population.”

And according to an October 2015 article in Politifact written by Jon Greenberg, “Nazi-era Germany imposed greater gun restrictions for Jews (and other perceived enemies) at the same time it loosened gun restrictions for other groups.”

Further, Dagmar Ellerbrock, an expert on German gun policies at the Dresden Technical University, reported that, “In my records, I found many Jews who well into the late 1930s possessed guns.”

Moreover, the turning point was not gun restrictions, but Adolf Hitler’s legitimizing “outright murder on a large scale – without any legal proceedings whatsoever – and that the country largely accepted the Nazi propaganda that presented this step as necessary.”

Greenberg concluded “A lack of guns was not the issue. If the majority of Germans had wanted to use these guns to fight the Nazis, they could have.”

Our country is indeed in danger of tyranny. But the dangers stem from interference in our elections by foreign adversaries, Trump’s welcoming of this interference, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s refusal to allow legislation to block our adversaries from harming our democracy. Gun regulation is a red herring.

Peter Bullard