Here’s a solution: Restore democracy | Letter

It’s a gross overstatement to say that Democrats have no solutions as a recent letter-writer claimed. One Democratic solution is voting to restore democracy, and overthrow authoritarian oligarchs. That’s why Democrats point out the harm Trump does. Freedom-loving patriots have a duty to warn.

Unable to see Democrat’s solutions, the writer is blind to Trump’s failures, asking “…what failures?”

Answer: The President has:

– Failed to defend our Constitution and rule of law. Obstructing justice by firing FBI Director Comey, he is currently trying to fire Deputy Director McCabe. He habitually assaults the separation of powers, attacking our courts when he disapproves a ruling.

– Failed to protect our national security by taking no action against Russia, who attacked our election.

– Failed to unite Americans by making racist and divisive remarks.

– Failed to guard Americans, after Charlottesville, from hateful racists and fascists, calling them “…fine people”.

– Failed to uphold our right to vote by appointing Kris Kobach, controller of Interstate-Crosscheck, to the Election Integrity Commission. Interstate Crosscheck seems to have been designed to suppress the Democratic vote by preventing many minorities from voting.

-Failed to preserve the dignity of the Presidency with over 2,000 falsehoods since his inauguration.

– Failed to model moral values by unfaithfulness to all three wives, and embroiling the Presidency in a scandal about paying $130,000 to silence a prostitute. Where’d the payoff money come from?

An incomplete list, but failures all freedom loving Americans should denounce.

Roger Ledbetter