H.R. 1215 is as big a concern as health care bill | Letter

Think all you have to worry about regarding healthcare is the AHCA/BCRA? Think again.

Congressman Dave Reichert voted on June 28 to pass the so-called Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017, limiting the ability of any person receiving federally subsidized health care to hold medical providers, nursing homes, and big pharma accountable for egregious harm. That includes cases where care is provided or subsidized by the federal government, including through a subsidy or tax benefit.

HR 1215 caps damages, requires long-term rather than lump-sum payouts, and decreases the time to discover issues.

It’s about protecting companies over patients and is a disservice to citizens—in other words, expanding the approach of the AHCA/BCRA where if you’re rich or own a company, you’re entitled to more protection than the constituents this Congress purports to serve.

Reichert claims he’s concerned about the AHCA/BCRA Medicaid impact, especially on children; he needs to bring that same care and concern to future bills such as this and block them. He needs to hear how wrong-headed he is in voting for corporations over constituents.

Harold Gross