Give President Trump a chance | Letter

Why is it that when Clinton and Obama said we needed a wall there was no uproar? But because Trump wants one, the Dems throw a big fit and uproar. It is time to stop illegal immigration and drugs. Once we have things under control, then we can start bringing in those who will contribute to our country and not change our language and customs to theirs.

I have no problems with those who are here and contributing to our society but not those who are putting a drag on it.

How long have the Democrats hollered about collusion with Trump and the Russians? With over a year of investigations they have found nothing.They have nothing to contribute to the improvement to our country! So they attack Trump to deflect the real problems that they are causing.

Trump has raised more problems for Russia than the two previous administrations and has done less business with it then either Hillary or Obama.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Trump has turned the economy around, companies are returning and creating jobs, which the Democrats claimed couldn’t be done.

Had Hillary gotten in do you believe this would have happened? No way? We would have been groping around just like when Obama was in.

Let’s open our minds and give him a chance.

Charles Parkins

Fall City