Fancher brings many, strong assets to Snoqualmie Valley School Board race | Letter

I wanted to share my experiences with conversations I‘ve had with Gary Fancher. I’ve known him for several years at the North Bend City Council. I first met him in his capacity as the chair of the Snoqualmie Valley Elk Preservation group and as the head of the North Bend Planning Commission.

We have had several discussions about the vision and future of our community and the common goals to make this a better place to live. I feel that Gary has a great vision of where we want our community to go in the present and future. In my opinion, he will be a great leader in our schools.

I know he will ask the tough questions about the direction and the expenses of our school district. He wants to make sure that we are spending our tax dollars on the proper programs and facilities, not just spending it because we have it.

I feel that the biggest strength he will bring is that he listens to the voice of the community. His capacity as the chairperson of the planning commission will serve him well in working with the cities as he has the knowledge of how they operate. He has a great ability to build consensus and move an agenda forward that works for all involved.

Gary’s greatest assets are that he listens to others and, with kids of his own in the district, he has a vested interest in the schools and will do what it takes to move us forward.

Please join me in voting for Gary Fancher.

Chris Garcia

North Bend