Democrats, where are your solutions? | Letter

I do not understand why the Democrats do not try and tell us how to turn our country around. They don’t seem to have any ideas. All they can do is come up with unproven accusations, most of which are proven wrong.

All they can talk about are Trump’s failures, which are what? Eliminating all the excess waste in the government, eliminating useless programs, cutting useless government jobs and programs, cleaning up the VA Hospital system, trying to curb those living on welfare, shooting up with drugs and wanting freebies. Welfare was set up for those who, through no fault of their own, cannot work, not for those who do not want to work.

Through all the years under the Democrats, our country has seen an explosion in unemployment, those receiving welfare and foodstamps and living on the streets, the explosion of drugs, crime and gangs.

Immigration from Mexico is exploding, bringing drugs and criminals along with those in need. Illegal aliens coming into this country are receiving government assistance of some kind, which throws a burden on the middle class to support all their aid. Our prisons are exploding. These are facts, not rumors.

Trump is not trying to deport all illegals but those breaking the law, but the Democrats want us to believe that those who are committing crimes and not contributing to the improvement of our country are a responsibility we as Americans need to carry.

Open our eyes please, with some truth.

Charles Parkins

Fall City