Cartoon ignores the presence, and problem, of white supremacists | Letter

The cartoon that was included in the (June 7) Record is downright appalling. Not only does it fail to recognize and even normalizes the undeniable climate of racism and bigotry in our country, but is openly insinuating that a broken pane of glass is of more concern than the maimed victims of actual violent hate-crimes.

How is it that the clear presence and actual violence of white nationalist and white supremacist groups, the ones that openly endorse the alt-right, are staunchly ignored here under some claim to patriotism? There are very real neo-Nazi groups, (look no further than Portland,) there are very real white-supremacist groups, there are very real white nationalist groups, and there are very real anti-Muslim groups that are violently threatening the safety of Muslim and non-white citizens of this country and actively engaging in violent hate-crimes and racist propaganda.

It is in poor taste to paint an antifa protester as a violent fascist when the only real fascists are now running our country.

There are real, violent hate crimes occurring on our side of the country, and this cartoon’s attitude condones them, if not normalizes them, in the name of some far-fetched and clumsy patriotism. In the current climate of political normalization of hatred and bigotry, this cartoon is in severely poor taste. That kind of hateful attitude has no place in our community, and certainly no place in our little local paper.

Robert DiTrani