Busby’s dedication to children is needed on Snoqualmie Valley School Board | Letter

The Snoqualmie Valley Administrative Secretary Association endorses Marci Busby for Snoqualmie Valley School Board.

As a group, we have worked for many years in the front offices of our district elementary, middle and high schools. Serving our communities’ children has been both a joy and a privilege. We are dedicated to their safety, well-being, and academic achievement and take pride in the quality of education our schools provide them.

For these reasons we care deeply about who oversees the schools in our district and we support Marci Busby as she seeks re-election.

Busby represents the values we need most, integrity, experience, and a willingness to listen to staff, students and community on all issues. She values school staff and has a long track record in supporting them.

Marci has lived in the valley since 1984 and has dedicated 27 years of service to the Snoqualmie Valley School District in various capacities. She has three grown daughters who attended K-12 in the Snoqualmie Valley School District, where she believes they received outstanding educations that enabled them to attend the colleges of their choice.

Marci has a solid plan to manage future growth in our district and a realistic bond and levy approach for taxpayers.

In short, Marci listens to our staff, students and community and does not promote her own personal agenda. She believes that every child is important, from elementary to high school in our district. We need her gentle voice and dedication to our children on our school board.

Karen Seiser

North Bend

President, Snoqualmie Valley Administrative Secretary Association