Volition Brewery debuts “Quarter Bandit” double IPA after break-in

The new brew has hints of “bitterness and loss with aromas of disappointment and frustration.”

North Bend’s Volition Brewing, made popular by its craft beer and pinball machines, isn’t going to let a quarter thief turn off its taps.

On the night of Jan. 31, a suspect whose identity remains unknown entered the building, stole the till — which was empty at the time — and nearly $1,000 in quarters and cash from a pinball change machine.

“We empty the till every night, but the coin machine had a lot of money in it because we just had a pinball tournament the night before,” Volition co-owner Jamie Haines said.

Haines’s business partner, Matt Sherman, was the first to come across the scene.

“He came in that morning and noticed there were chairs thrown around and there was stuff all over the ground,” Haines said. “That’s when he noticed the till and the coin machine were gone. We called the police, and they came and took pictures and we filed a report.”

After assessing the minimal damage to business operations, the Volition team kept the beer flowing and opened the doors for their regular hours that same day.

“We had a new double IPA that was going to be released that day,” Haines said. “The plan was to sit down and do tasting notes and come up with a name for the beer, but, given the morning’s event, we just decided to name it after our recent experience.”

According to the company’s social media, the newly released “Quarter Bandit” double IPA promises flavors of loss with aromas of disappointment and frustration.

Since its debut, the double IPA has garnered the support of longtime customers and first-time visitors.

“It’s been pretty overwhelming, actually,” Haines said. “People that have heard our story will come out to visit, so it has driven a lot of traffic into the tap room. The North Bend community really rises up and rallies around people in this town and gives their support, and we are really grateful.”

Without a clear point of forced entry and a lack of adequate security footage, it is unlikely that the suspect will be identified.

Volition only accepts card payments at this time and suggests customers bring quarters for the pinball machines while they await the arrival of a new till and quarter machine.