Snoqualmie portrait studio heads home Photo artist Brenda Huckle gets new location

Portrait artist Brenda Huckle of Snoqualmie is heading back to her roots.

Portrait artist Brenda Huckle of Snoqualmie is heading back to her roots.

After two and a half years at a brick-and-mortar storefront in downtown Snoqualmie, Huckle moved her business, Genuine Image Photography, into her Snoqualmie home on July 1.

She’s been shooting photos and creating portraits in the Valley for about three years.

The move came after Huckle took a hard look at her vision and future plan for her business, and decided to give up the shop and her employees.

“I thought I’d really enjoy being an employer, [but] when it got to that level, I realized it really wasn’t my thing,” she said. “It made more sense for me to bring the business home, spend more time doing what I love, and that’s working with people, doing the design, creating the artwork.

“It gives me more of my life back,” she said.

Services, as well as the business name and Web site,, will go unchanged, and the hours, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, by appointment, will also stay the same.

“We haven’t really changed the business, just changed the building.

“Before we had the studio, we worked out of our home,” Huckle said. Her family grew up with the Huckles’ professional photography business, which she began 14 years ago.

A good number of professional photographers work out of their homes, according to Huckle.

“The type of work we do is unique,” she said. “It allows me the opportunity to go to people’s homes, see their colors, and talk about what the final piece is going to look like.”

As the sole staffer, “I know all the details,” she added. “There’s no place for anything to drop through the cracks.” Contact Genuine Image at (425) 831-7748.